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Don't need to swap. I don't write and came here originally to support my friend's work (if you're feeling generous feel free to leave a review on the currently reading list but not necessary). Looking for work with similar themes. There is a catch though.
I only like very specific categories and themes within writing. So please do not submit for a review if it's a LitRPG, dungeon, first person, slice of life or Harem.

I encourage you to share if your writing has strong themes of horror, medieval, military, war, combat (gory scenes are a-okay!), poverty, crime and drugs, gang life, adult romance/sex is also fine as long it's not the focus. I know darker themes can have trouble getting traction here so I'd love to help out. Just give me a few days to read up and leave an honest review, if I like your work it'll definitely go on my currently reading list.

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Thanks guys. I followed all and started reading.
aWildAsian Wrote: Mines features lots of violence, horror, military jargon, and child endangerment, with fantasy elements thrown in.
I actually wanted to comment on the description of your story. When I got to the bottom of it I saw this "The views depicted do not represent the author's views but the POV of the characters." The fact that you even have to clarify this is so sad here. The idea should be able to write convincing characters that have different world views, it's exactly what motivates them and feel more real. Shame whoever approached you treating your characters in your story as a vessel of your own thoughts and opinions. Look forward to checking it out.

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YJarex Wrote: Huh, rarely do I see someone explicitly asking for those kinds of hard themes. Feel free to leave a review for my story in the signature.
Funnily enough I didn't actually want to read any first person(It's mostly because I don't like the limited character view/development). Continued reading because I thought it was just a pov for the prologue. I'm actually kind of into it, so regardless of it not being a favorite writing style A Lonely Spiral gets a pass.

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My story Upheaval has a lot of the themes you're looking for (violence, war, and a dark setting). It may be presumptuous to ask this, but I would request you read up to chapter 5 as I would consider that my strongest chapter and is the payoff to chapter 3. Full disclosure my story is pretty violent.


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The first chapter (not too long) of 'Malik' is now published if you wanted to check it out = the link below.

Despite being pretty much completed - it needs much editing and revision due to being the first story I ever wrote many years ago. So future chapters will be every Friday for about 4 weeks - while I finish my current project and then should be uploaded quite quickly (said in case it is something you want to read).

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I see that the list of enthusiasts is long but hey, maybe I'll get my chance. 

My work is a medieval-ish fantasy-action-romance. Stop! Before you turn your back on the romance, you should know it is a slow burn and the book offers more than the usual insta-love "I love you, but you don't love me, oh my, oh why!?". What the story can offer is knights, ghosts, complex soul-magic system, colorful cast, political intrigues, and a bit of humor from time to time.

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Full disclaimer, mine is first person present. DrakanThinking  

But otherwise it checks most of your boxes. If that’s something you don’t want to touch, I understand completely. 

But with a lost prince, werewolves, violence, assassins—yeah, I wrote this because I couldn’t find the dark book I wanted without emphasis on large amounts of dark romance, as well. 

That’s Saga of Steel and Bone. 

No review needed. Just wanted to offer it out there.

Hope you find the read you’re wanting! <3