Is this the place for anime-inspired/light novel stories?

Hello! Longtime lurker looking to try and finally get something written. I have two ideas, but they're more inspired by anime, more specifically the fighting shonen like Fairy Tail, One Piece, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, etc, and light novels like Slayers... there would be very little LitRPG elements, if any at all.

One is an idea I've had since highschool, way back when, about a legendary sword that was shattered into a hundred pieces, and the shards scattered across the world. These pieces give those who hold them special abilities, with the completed sword said to bestow ultimate power, but to collect more than five pieces you must be in posession of the long-lost hilt. My group of heroes would travel from place to place collecting pieces, whilst also being hounded by groups of Sword Hunters looking to claim the hilt for themselves, as well as other dark forces looking to stop the weapon from ever being reforged.

The second is set in a fantasy world where technomancy - or aethertech - exists, but is heavily outlawed and restricted to specialists in the military after a blood coup years ago resulted in the kingdom's Combat Titans - mechanical goliath war machines - being shot into the sun, and all aethertechnicians executed soon after, as a way to stop the Baron from being dethroned the same way he took power. Our hero lives on the outskirts of the kingdom, in a remote village, where she apprentices as a blacksmith whilst secretly using her aethertech powers until someone informs the guard. The blacksmith and his blind monk friend hold off the guard long enough for her to escape deep into the woods, where she stumbles across the scattered remains of a Combat Titan that fell from the magical teleportation bolt that sent the rest of its number into the sun. She rebuilds it, makes friends with it, and together they set about reclaiming the kingdom one step at a time.

Again, neither of these would necessarily have LitRPG elements, but they would have anime-tropes, like named abilities, friendship, power increase (especially with the first, as the sword gains more pieces), and the like... so I guess my question is, is RR a good place for either of these, or would people have a suggestion for where they'd be better suited?

I do have another story roughly in mind with LitRPG elements, but it's still got a lot of work to do before I even start writing it...

Thank you in advance!

Re: Is this the place for anime-inspired/light novel stories?

My story called DOTS is a series of seven light novels that tell the tale of a guy who has to Save the World.

And my story called The VocaLords is episodic in nature, meant to be viewed as a thirty minute serialized anime.

So yeah. People write that sort of stuff here.  And they read it too.  😈

And good luck with your stories. Go ahead and write them. You can do it!

Re: Is this the place for anime-inspired/light novel stories?

I honestly think there is place for manga/light novel related novels here, as long as you use a "standardized" look a like of a light novel cover. You know, cutesy characters and stuff. I think this one really is a deal breaker for gaining a lot of views, compared to book covers that have only scenery. Also if it needs to be in true light novel fashion, don't forget the in-between pictures, either. Also if you have a few chapters pre-written, you could do at the beginning a few 'preview' illustrations, like how nowadays the light novel does (you usually see at the beginning 3-4 pictures and some of them are from future chapters.)

Of course, you don't have to be a copy cat of those kind of things.