Re: Dogs or Cats? Vanilla or Chocolate?

I have a ragdoll (who is my son's) and a german shepherd (for me). 

I love the bond. I love training—how they want to please and work with you. How he protects the birds (without trying to eat the chickens) and protects my cat from being bullied by other cats. I love our doggy play date meet-ups and having company on my long walks through the countryside.

Not surprising that my story has german shepherds in it I guess.

Re: Dogs or Cats? Vanilla or Chocolate?

I am sitting here staring at the screen contemplating the idea of dogs and cats both eating vanilla - something.

I remember that when I was little and our cat had kittens, at one point I set my spoon-partly-full of vanilla ice cream down next to a kitten who totally was licking as fast as possible. She was tiny, and soon was sort of shivering because of the cold, but it didn't slow her down any.

I gently tried to move the spoon away, and she started this really-meant-to-be-ferocious-but-actually-adorable high pitched growl.

So I gathered her and the spoon up and cuddled her while she ate, and then she fell asleep with a little smug kitty grin and a sticky mustache.