Reader expectations of a LitRPG

I'm currently between continuing my series or writing a a complete stand-alone Litrpg. I have an exciting idea that I can't shake. 

Before I put too much thought into the Litrpg, what would be the standard length of a solid stand-alone Litrpg? I want it to be one book, not a series. What do you think most Litrpg fans would want as far as length?

I've read a few Litrpg books and really like the genre but I would not classify myself as an expert by a long-shot, is there any other pitfalls or mistakes I should be aware for the Genre? Has anything been played out and is just not your thing anymore?

What are your absolute favorite aspects of the current Litrpgs being released, what are your favorite aspects of the genre?  

Any help is much appreciated. Have a great day.

Re: Reader expectations of a LitRPG

Expectations vary from person to person.

-I've had people tell me they love a 'crunchy system' with lots of numbers, while others 'skip the numbers'.
-Some feel litrpg is about the updates to stats, blue boxes, and system. But others complain of 'too many blue boxes'.

I think for each author, the important things are:
-There needs to be a system of rules for a litrpg that mirror either online RPG's or older pen and paper games. Complex or easy, your choice.
-The system needs to be relevant. If the numbers don't matter, why bother?
-Make the system reflect the world. If anyone can grind out 10 levels in a week and be superhuman, then why is everyone in the world level 0? just an example of a disconnect. 
-Be consistent, get the numbers right, don't over do it with character sheets, but don't neglect them.