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Re: Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 -🦆🐰The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

Finally posted up a new installment of our baby, Strange Aeons. What awaits Zed in a dungeon dedicated to the goddess of justice?

For a goddess of justice, I would have expected blindfolds and scales. Not... whatever this is.

Zed was vaguely aware of another insignificant click as the door locked behind them. He didn't need to ask if it was Emi's doing; something told him the door would remain locked until he completed his first trial… whatever it was.

“So, what's my goal, here? And does bad shit happen if I take a closer look at these?” he asked, jerking his thumb at the closest grouping of statues.

“'Bad shit'? Wait –” Her eyes widened as she suddenly threw her arm out, forcing Zed back toward the locked door. “It's already begun.”

A gargantuan, solid black cube materialized in the center of the platform, at least thirty meters on each side. The statues shuddered to life with its appearance, marbling alight with a mystical blue glow. These weren't simple statues, they were golems! The golems turned as one toward center stage, their slablike faces fixated on the strange cube.

The golems then suddenly launched into an exaggerated free-for-all, pushing and shoving their way toward the strange black cube. Most swung heavy limbs like clubs, while others wielded oddly lifelike weaponry.

The pair looked on as the first of the golems reached the cube. One entered the cube and disappeared, shortly followed by another. One male and one female. Zed was unable to catch any other details amid the chaos.

It's... not solid?


A third golem reached the cube, slamming into it face first. It staggered backward from the impact, its shoulder deeply cracked. The face crumbled away and the golem fell. The mysterious object, however, remained unaffected.

...It is very solid. I don't understand?

Re: Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 -🦆🐰The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧


This is an interaction of one of my story's MCs and an innkeeper, from Chapter 2 of my story:

Quote:“These well wishes of yours, do they include monetary support?”
The innkeeper’s eyes went wide, as if he encountered an unforeseeable possibility. His voice was noticeably small as he answered, “No.”
“Weaponry support?”
“Uh… no?”
Yonten stared at the man. “Let me remind you that I’m risking my life to spare yours.”
“And I’m thankful for that!” The innkeeper looked close to tears from shame. “Honestly, I am!”
Yonten decided to push the point further. “Your gratitude doesn’t weigh as much as a single loaf of bread.”
The innkeeper started weeping.

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

From the beginning of A Nation of Distances (Possibly a dystopian Love Story) -see signature-.
michael is forced to choose a wife is a rather dystopian Wife School in chapter 3, and is really shocked by the 'ceremony of partner choice'. Megan is probably shocked that anyone is interested in her at this point. They will rebel against everything in their world by becoming friends.
And 'girl 28' will turn to be quite important too...
Quote:‘And, young man, have you made your choice of partner already?’
Michaels didn’t really have much possibilities, but nonetheless his heart almost stopped beating. This was it, the moment of truth, on which his life, and hers, could depend.
'I want to take number 27, what's her name please?'
The man looked at him, puzzled.
'Her? Are you sure? Her father is called Donald Anderson, and his phone number is on this paper, together with his address.'
This annoyed him. 'I didn't ask for her dad's name. I ask for hers,' he said.
The official didn’t answer, but he took a micro-megaphone.
'Does any of the other young men happen to be interested in number 27?’
There was no reaction from the fighting lot, so the official turned to number 27 herself. ‘No? Okay, Megan, would you be so kind to bring your paper to this young man, please.'
He let out a deep breath? So, Megan it was. The name of the woman he might spend the rest of his life with? She came shyly, looking away from him now, and handed him the paper. He tried to make eye contact again but she wouldn’t let him.
‘Congratulations, mister. You have made your choice now. The happiness of a married future is yours now.’
He looked disapprovingly at Megan, and even more at girl number 28 who had followed her.
‘If you excuse me now, I am afraid that I have to call the intervention team her for the other boys. Megan, give your young man your paper so that he can leave.’

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

From Outsiders of Xykesh, Episode 9, Part 3, in which the gang experiences kobold hospitality:

Quote:"How exactly is this perfect?"

List shot Arden a glare, which was no easy feat, given that they'd all been bound to poles by the wrists and ankles, and List in particular had been left dangling over what looked suspiciously like a fire pit.

"After scrapping with their hero in what they must have taken as a fight to the death, chances of peaceful interactions with these creatures were rather low," Arden said. "I doubt we could have convinced Sheila or any of her followers to let us follow them back to this place. Surrendering to them got us here without us having to kill any of them."

"You're right," List said. "This is a great way to observe them deciding whether or not to eat us."

"To be fair," Valerie said, "I think most of them are against that."

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

Excerpt from the latest chapter of The Privateer:

"Stealth cruisers." Yvian felt tension rolling into her shoulders. "The false alarms are stealth cruisers."

"Exactly." Lissa grinned. "Damn, I'm good."

Yvian frowned at her sister. "Why are you so happy?"

"Cause I figured it out." Lissa shrugged. "None of you could have done it."

"Ok, yeah, you're smart," Yvian agreed. "But you just proved the people that are hunting us have been coming in and out of the sector for months."

"We already knew that," Lissa told her. "The Freedom Republic's been sniffing around all the unclaimed sectors. They've got no idea where we are." She held her hand out again. Yvian grunted and handed her another bottle. A stray thought niggled at the back of her mind. "When was this picture taken?"

"Four hours ago."

"Four hours..." So about ten hours after they escaped the pirates. Yvian squinted at the dots on the screen. Nine, ten... no. There were another set of dots to the left. Twenty six. Twenty six Ronin class battlecruisers. Why would they need that many? One or two should be more than enough to search an unclaimed sector.

"Lissa..." a terrible suspicion was creeping up on Yvian. "The Encounter was destroyed, right?" She remembered the missiles, the debris. "There wasn't enough left to pull any nav data. Right?"

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

'Rage' chapter 20

Quote:And I told you I wanted it – which was the truth.’

Of course, you wanted it, that is the whole point of the bloody spell! You let me believe you had free will, you used my attraction to you like the...’

Whore that I am.’ Damon said with soft menace as he finished her sentence for her.

Like the son of a bitch you are.’ Kat contradicted.

Damon was not listening, the rage smoldering within had flared into a flame. He was now desperately fighting for control over the madness threatening to consume him. The compulsion should have prevented him from deliberately provoking her. He should be feeling the need to pacify her. Instead, he desired to see her burned by the searing heat she had instigated with her accusation. There had only been one other time the magic had failed and that was the night he had attacked Nala.

Damon knew the moment he lost the battle he fought with himself. The flame erupted into molten fire.

Emerald eyes pinned her with an ice-cold fury. ‘You would dare condemn me for using the only asset I have? For being the creature your family created?’

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

Quote:“It’s not going to lift easily. Grab a hold,” Elliot ran a nail across the painted-over gap between the window frame and the ledge.
Florence limbered up, digging in her fingernails as she clutched the frame.
“One, two-”
They heaved on three.
The white paint cracked. The window shifted. The frame groaned. Florence’s fingers stung from the friction. With a huge effort, they slid it upwards by an inch.
Then something gave.
The sash smashed upwards under their combined force and the glass shattered with an ear wrenching splintering. Florence and Elliot ducked away as shards rained down. The crashing sent birds in the nearby holly screeching.
After everything fell silent, Florence looked up.
A two-foot wide, one-and-a-half-foot tall gap opened into the house.
“Do you want to go first? Or shall I?”
“I’ll go.” Elliot squared his shoulders.

My main characters breaking in somewhere, but I can't tell you where peocool
From Chapter 7 of Truthsend (which was also in the June magazine?)

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

Just a little snippet from chapter 4, when Nick and Sae are trying to figure out the strange and alien signal.

Quote:"Show me that data"; in her deliberate and insistent voice, it was a directive not giving Nick much choice whether to comply or not. Of course, he thought, mentally slapping himself around. He must have been completely exhausted yesterday. Instead of trying to do a full semester course on protocol decoding in one night, he could just have reached out to Sae for a few pointers.
"Sure", he replied, and gave a few commands to his mindpal. Connecting to Sae's mindpal and sharing his raw analysis, as well as giving her read access to the data he had stored on the qube, he sat back to wait. As he watched her, Sae's eyes got the slightly glassy and bright look of someone working on the mindpal desktop, and he noticed the tendons in her fingers twitching as she mentally typed commands. Nick used the interlude to finish his coffee and to grab some biscuits for breakfast.
"Right", he heard her murmuring to herself. And he caught something about dictionarystate machines and quite clearly "Aha! Is this just a ... Turing tape!?".
Refilling both their coffees and sitting back in the chair, he did a quick query to check what a Turing tape was.
Named after a British mathematician who lived somewhere around 200 years ago, a Turing tape was apparently a component of something called a Turing machine, and a Turing machine was again a theoretical computing machine. Reading on, Nick learned that a Turing machine used a theoretically infinite string of symbols called a tape to manipulate the machine into doing calculations. With a sufficiently long tape, the calculations could actually represent any algorithm in the Universe!
Some minutes later, Nick was exploring some more esoteric variants of the Turing machine when Sae's eyes cleared. Sitting up straighter, with a very strange expression on her face, she looked at him.
"Nick. Did you know you are carrying around alien software in your brain?"

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

My RR Magazine contest entry is called Stonesong, and here’s my snippet (both of the art and of the writing)


It was every bit as big as the bespectacled orc had described, perhaps even bigger. A skeletal, branchy, ten-legged abomination which resembled the offspring of a spider, a stag, and a lightning-struck tree. Green ichor glowed from within it, spilling from its fleshless jaws and dripping from its open ribcage, leaving a trail of steaming, noxious ooze in its wake.

As the battle between thralls waged all around them, orc-after-orc on both sides subdued, Threl took his first shot. The metal—or whatever it was his weapon blasted—ripped through the front of the creature’s neck, spilling more of the slime as the Wretchblight emited a horrible, gurgling shriek of a laugh. But what didn’t slop out of the creature glommed it back together, and within heartbeats the tear was mended. More orcs fired on it, ripping its body open in one place after the other as it writhed and giggled and sprayed glowing green fluids in all directions.

The Greensingers among them rose their voices, and vines shot from the trees to tangle in the creature’s antlers and about its legs. But its jaw dropped open and warbled a series of long, high notes…sending the vines lashing outward at the orcs instead. A Stormsinger called out, only for the monster to call back, the Singer’s blades of wind dispersing into nothing before they could make impact.

Mika’s improvised earplugs muffled it all, but not nearly enough.

To the far side of the clearing, one of the orcs screamed in agony, failing to lift his shield high enough in time as the stuff splattered across his face. Mika trembled, claws digging into the bark and unable to look away as the orc’s clothes and armor began to rip apart. His body warped and broke and reformed, his skin blackening as though charred, flesh peeling away while bones flared outward. The blood spurting from his wounds turned green and began to glow. Then, lurching sideways, he attacked his fellows.


Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

Heyo! Today's snippet from Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix is a heavy talk...all the while people are fighting in the background, but you'll have to read the chapter to know that ;)

(I mean, technically I just told you but shhh)

Quote:There was a bittersweetness to her eyes, of regret and hope mixed imperfectly in swirls. “I was hoping this would be a fun way for us to spend more time together, and for you to get to know the other parts of my life.” Her face fell. “I didn’t expect you to almost kill yourself over and over.”
Theo flinched from the bite in those words.
He retorted without thinking, the way someone in a bar strikes back when punched. “Says you. You’re just as reckless as me. Who uses backfires as a way to move around, again?”
Jenny snorted. “It’s not the same.”
“Well, enlighten me as to how they’re different.” Theo muttered. Jenny’s head whipped around, as she turned back to face him.
She poked a finger into his chest. “Using backfires doesn’t make me bleed. It doesn’t actually hurt me.” She paused, before continuing in a whisper. “They don’t make you worried for my safety.”
Theo paused, unsure how to respond to that.
 “It’s hard for me to see you get hurt over, and over.” Jenny swallowed, voice hoarser than it was a moment ago, chest starting to shudder and heave. Her voice wavered. “It’s even harder, when it reminds me of how helpless I felt, paralysed, as I watched you fight that spy.”
Theo opened his mouth, and closed it again shortly after. There was only one thing he could say in response, but even so it took him some time to find it.
“I’m sorry.”

Have a lovely week everyone!

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

The best idea, the worst idea:
Quote:Sylph eyed Elina in suspicion. She was maybe two years older than Sylph, but about as mighty and slim as a wet noodle. Her wide smirk however extruded more confidence than it should.

“You have a plan?” Biscuit turned to face her, just as confused as Sylph.

Elina reached for his pfod, closing hers around it as she lifted it up. “I know who’s on duty tonight.” She flicked Biscuit lightly with her wing and her smile turned coy as could be.

“I see, seduce the guard, yeah that’s easy,” he said.

Sylph shook her head. “He’s a guard. Trained by Nahana. There is no way he would fall for the oldest trick in the book. That is not a thing that works outside of fiction.”

Elina huffed a scant laugh. “We have faith in you, so you gotta have a little faith in us. Everyone acts different when Nahana is around. Spend some more time here and you will learn to see through all the fakeness.

“I am not sure I want to bet my life on something as vague as seducing a guard.”

If it works? Who knows. Also I have procrastinatd so hard this weekend with Sunbreak.

Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

After fighting through infested streets, the Rumblin' Redneck squad and their rescued Federal Intelligence Agency attache seek refuge in a darkened pharmacy.

Quote:“What do you see?” B’roka asked, his head following Octavia’s movement as she settled by the door.

“We’ve kicked the hornet’s nest,” Octavia remarked quietly as she turned her head to look over at B’roka, “They’re armed now, and actively looking for us,” she added, stepping to the side and gesturing to the door. The Lieutenant crossed the room swiftly and bent over to look through the hole as well, staying silent for the moment.

Peering through the hole for a few moments, B’roka slowly pulled away from the door and shook his head in annoyance, “This is going to be a problem.”

“So what are we going to do?” Octavia asked quietly.

“We’re going to have to get back to the outer wall and wait for the drop pod,” B’roka replied, the discontent audible in his tone, “And then we’re going to have to find this data cache before the Scales sets off the device.”

“We’ve tracked the signals to a distribution warehouse near the middle of the level you landed on - we were supposed to meet up and proceed to the warehouse together, but evidently that didn’t work out as we planned,” Remiel remarked dryly with an unimpressed expression.

“Were you ever going to tell us about this mystery data?” Jace remarked snidely.

“No,” Remiel answered simply.