Promote your story by telling us a bit about the setting.

The world of Life or Freedom is a dystopian one. After the revelation that the government had been hiding the existence for the dangerous race known as the Vizican's from their citizens, the world fell into chaos. The government was overthrown and is now something called the SDU (Society Defense Unit) who claim that they are the only ones who can protect society from the Vizican's. In return for their protection, civilian's are expected to supply the SDU with the appropriate materials, leading majority of them to have horrible living conditions and to fall into poverty. 

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In A Lonely Spiral, the world is dark, without any mote of light from the sun. People glow, as long as they have a strong soul, either naturally born or stolen in parts from others. And there are many others, as the dead are rising from the graves, greeted by the remnants of the old world they knew. Yet this world is dangerous, both because the beasts lurking in the dark want nothing more than a bite of that sweet undead behind, but also because dangers worse than giant hairy spiders and overgrown, hideous beasts from the darkest places stalk the land in the search for whatever they could want when there is so little of the civilized world left.

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I’ll just go with my latest story, Stonesong. It has two primary settings so far:

The Rooted Sea - A vast and ancient rainforest of towering trees. Treekrakes—giant tentacled monsters with bark for skin—lurk in its upper branches, while its depths are home to a vast array of hungry creatures. Orcin skyships sail its canopy, hunting the sacred beasts of the sea with reverence and scouting for human scum.

The Rend- A branching chasm in the earth, overflowing with glowing green mists. The city of Kanijha and its outlying villages cling to its upper tiers, while beings both natural and very much not haunt the biomes of its innumerable lower levels.

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So my story, Amber Foundation, is about a guild operating in the multiverse. This means that the settings for any individual arc can be varied - some arcs take place on the Amber Foundation's home plane of Londoa, which is a shattered world with cities and nations living on both the inside and outside of the planet. Others take place on Nesona, a land with shifting ecosystems that rise and fall depending on the power infused within them every few hundred years. There are entire galaxies that are their own planes, planes of smooth, endless seas, or post-apocalyptic wastelands where the mundane of our world are treated as religious artifacts -- and are thus consigned power as a result. 

Variety is the spice of life in the multiverse, with each place being diverse, beautiful, weird, and wonderful. A guild is a microcosm of the multiverse, with people from across reality coming together to form something new. Each plane is a new opportunity for discovery, with its own magic systems or rules. 

In an infinite multiverse, anything is possible. 

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I'll let the unpublished flavour-text speak for itself for The Stormcrow Cycle

Spoiler :
"The People of the Red Sand know little of coin, but much of value; little of laughter, but much of joy; little of affection, but much of love."
- Pausanias, A Travel Guide Through the Desert

History buffs probably know who Pausanias is--he wrote one of the very first travelogues, called Description of Greece. This Pausanias is a reference to our historical Pausanias, but is wholly a fictional character with a very different life-trajectory. He first wrote A Travel Guide to the Outer Empire as he toured the empire's colonies as a scribe in service to a prominent politician from House Astros, and once he was freed from service, he travelled independently and wandered through the desert in a scholarly capacity. I actually do have A Travel Guide Through the Desert in production* at the moment, and there's a fun little epistolary story involved as he and his editor write to each other and argue about what to include and what to cut. TSC is ultimately a tragedy, however, and the desert is a dangerous place for a lone traveller...

*But will I finish?
...I have no idea, lol. It's gone right onto the back-burner since I just need to finish Book I first. Gah. So much writing to do, but so little time! 

Note: "The People of the Red Sand" refers to the K'Avaari, who are normally referred to as "Sanders" for short. Ba'an, the MC, is ethnically K'Avaari. 

Spoiler :

"A shithole is a shithole is Kyros. Fuck that place. Even pigs won't roll in it."
-- Maros of Astropolis, from Conversations from the Northern Province

Kyros was a fort, back in the day, which eventually grew into a city. It's right on the border between the empire and the desert, and is considered a stinking, rowdy, lawless shithole by most denizens of the empire. Kyrosians are generally seen as being violent, ill-mannered, uncouth, and cheap, which is an attitude that only serves to fuel feuds and spark resentment toward the cosmopolitan cities like Astropolis and Heliopolis. Well, mostly Astropolis, on account of the fact that the city is the closest (and not to mention, Heliopolis is across the sea). Kyrosians take pride in Kyros actually being a city and not a "jumped-up village" like Lofo-Alfos or even Elysium, though most people from major poleis tend to laugh at this. 

It looks like this poor Maros guy didn't have a good tme during his visit to Kyros! Oh dear. 

All art made using Wombo AI. 

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About the worlds I have created; On the destruction of the earth, humans flee and inhabit different planets. Dependent on the planet's atmosphere and ecosystem, most evolved in different ways. On some, magic will be prevalent, others technology and others will have a firm grounding in science, etc.

Whilst I envision writing from the perspective of other cultures and planets in future books. I start this one with characters from Cardonia, a planet where women developed magical abilities and the men have none. As you may have guessed – this creates a place that does not promote equality between the sexes.

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The Shattered Heavens is set in the Milky Way. In our local space there are three other spacefaring factions who've set up permanently as our neighbours; the Amaranthian Empire, the Ryjax Commune, and the Holy Alari Imperium.

After coming together to form the Startide Federation, the four factions spread out into the rest of the galactic arm - only to run into the Omni Animus shortly after.

The Omni Animus emerged from the center of the galaxy and have been steadily spreading outward toward the edges of the galaxy. The hyperintelligent machine hivemind has managed to push the Federation back to their starting neighbourhood of star systems, tucked safely behind "The Bastion"; a Federation megafortress installation keeping the Omni from just punching through into Federation space.

This is the current state of affairs; a war of attrition as the Omni prepare to breach the Bastion while the Federation scrambles to find a solution, no matter how unethical their solutions may be.

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Chronicles of The Godkin takes place in a fantasy world that is a playground for the Gods of it to compete with one another, they create mighty champions 'Godkin' by interfering with the development of children in their mothers womb. The result is the Godkin having little in common with their mortal parents and being almost entirely related to their divine parent. Increased, strength, stamina, magic power, unique lores of magic not accessible to anyone else. 

The last time the Gods had a contest with their God-kin the result was a draw, the world was 'destroyed' and left uninhabitable for thousands of years. Now, after all these years, its time for round two of the contest.

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Mendala is a distant world comprised of various countries, city-states, and races across four continents. The most unique aspect of the world is that everyone knows how to use a part of the brain known as the "adimus" which unlocks a myriad of abilities including telepathy, telekinesis, accelerated healing and longevity, and most distinctive of all, mentus and mandamus, two very diverse and powerful abilities. Pretty much everyone is born with the ability to use mentus, but only about 1% of the population is born with the ability to use mandamus, which is significantly more powerful and versatile. People's adimus abilities are regulated by the adimus rank they are born with and how much they study and practice. There are a diversity of skills people can use, and the higher your skill or rank, the better your chances for a good job and life. But with less than 5% of the population born with a unique or highly coveted adimus rank, it sometimes comes down to luck, especially with how things have been going lately.

There are dozens of countries and hundreds of independent cities and towns, each with their own cultures and governments, and all of them scrambling for what seems like limited resources and opportunities for growth. Over the last thousand years, wars between the various domains have become more and more prevalent ever since the world's caretaker, the Daughter of the Sun, disappeared during the catastrophe known as the Great War, that started this bleak era.  As wars have increased so has poverty, crime, famine, and a continued lack of resources. Only certain places, known as the "major powers" are relatively safe, and the division between the upper and lower classes is widening. Simply put, things are spiraling out of control.

Now it seems like another worldwide catastrophe is on the horizon, and the only hope left is the return of the Daughter of the Sun and the twelve warriors who ended the first Great War. But it's a little soon to tell if they'll be able to help put the world back in balance.

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Both my published work and my super secret WIP (which I've posted snippets of, so.... yeah) take place in a world of superheroes and supervillains.

The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE is set in Herald City. It is the classic superhero setting where Blue Eagle and his sidekick, Switch the Blue Eaglet, deal with kooky criminals, alien invaders, and supervillains galore. 

My WIP is set in a separate superhero world where the various comic book generations are actually the generations of superheroes, battles between superheroes and supervillains are commonplace, and an entire intelligence division exists to keep it all contained.

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House of Honour: The Heir.

Set in a fictional medieval (not fantasy) world, it is a mix of the Three Kingdoms of Ancient China and medieval Europe. Called the Revaryn Empire, it has everything from a Puppet Emperor to corrupt lords vying for power, etc etc. The official religion of the Empire is a form of ancestor worship, though some people still worship the old god called Ohnix. A god represented by a sort of winged tree often carved into shape from existing giant trees. Each province of the Empire is famous for something, whether it is the quality of wine grown there, or the intellectuals who gather to debate (squabble). 

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All of my fantasy stories are written in the same world. This world is known as the continent of Rasheia! It was built on magic and mirrors an ancient Chinese atmosphere with some distinct changes. There are five major kingdoms/empires.
  • Kingdom of Morkud—A sturdy people who value hard work and labor. Star-metal used exclusively in the production of magical cultivation swords is their main distribution and they are known for beautiful forest lands untouched by man between their cities.
  • Kingdom of Honarvar—A quiet, gentle society known as the most technologically progressive of all the nations on Rasheia. They created the ward portals—a mixture between water magic and technology—outside of each major kingdom, empire, and temple used for human fast travel.
  • Pondlightian Empire—The smallest of all empires or kingdoms of Rasheia, known for their spiritual talisman and draughts to repel ghosts and demons alike. Few people traverse this empire without an extremely good reason. Society is tight-knit and resentful of strangers, preferring to keep the secrets of spiritual cultivation a secret.
  • Obethian Empire—A rigid, strict society that values truth and justice above all. Known for their progressive contract-based business system rather than money exchange and set of over one thousand rules.
  • Kingdom of Wingulf—A sprawling luxurious empire known for its jewelry production and precious gem mines. Their citizens are just as wealthy, yet they do have a slave system, something many other kingdoms/empires frown upon. You need a permit to enter the border, should you fail to present one, you will be turned away.
Along with these five nations are the sacred temples/sects that are sworn to protect innocent human life from unspeakable evil. Each of these has a related elemental magic affinity.
  • Achak Temple—Meaning “spirit” temple, white robes signaling their divine connection to spiritual qi and souls.
  • Zephyr Temple—Meaning “light refreshing wind” temple, gold robes signaling their devotion to honesty and wisdom.
  • Hakan Temple—Meaning “blazing fire” temple, dark crimson robes signaling their courage and passion for cultivation.
  • Sena Temple—Meaning “The Beauty of the Earth” Temple, emerald green robes signaling their quest for inner harmony and balance with the Earth.
  • Noelani Temple—Meaning “Heavenly Mist” Temple, navy robes signaling their acceptance of divine responsibility and loyalty to their people.
Thanks for reading! I hope I didn't already lose you in the introduction, ha! Feel free to comment and ask questions!

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It's got dragons, flying islands with postcardesque beautiful landscapes hiding terrible pasts, airships, an unknown threat lurking in the shadows, I mean, clouds above and below and did I mention dragons?

The story so far plays all over the continent that is more of an archipelago of floating islands. Four species and one species of human found more or less peace between them, even living close together and prospering in some places. The mess of cultures and species makes Halfhill, a town north of the capital my favorite place. People are doing their things alongside each other, go for dinner at a sweet Sol's tiny restaurant and then go for drinks in the aptly named "Poisoned drinks", run by a poisonous dragon.

But a mess like that is never without problems, the last war and gigantic black dragon threatening to destroy it all being the least of their worries, but that gives plenty of story material.

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There's a unique magical storm that curses you if it strikes you. When cursed you become 'Accursed' and typically have to deal with some ironic curse that you're pretty much going to hate 100%. How to undo the curse? Magic is extremely chaotic, mysterious, and dangerous in the setting, and the way to undo a curse requires a pretty much impossible task: reach the heart of Wish Mountain. 

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Phoenix is a large continent unattached to any others in the world. A large majority of it is still untamed and mainly wildlands. The tribal clans devoted to the elementals are very careful to not over-extend and hurt the natural beauty of their homes. However, the Common Phoenixes have lately started expanding beyond what they had previously. The areas inhabited are made up of five major regions. 

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Norden - an island of snow and mystery where the Binshi, children of the Morning Star, mingle with regular humans. It is a land where crystal-horned argali brave the steep mountain peaks and the spirits of the dead are just a thin veil away from the Mortal Realm. In Norden, magic still survives after the Saints purged it all from the mainland, but to use it, you must pay a price - your soul and life-force. And were one to misuse said magic, terrible abominations are born, their only purpose  - to poison anything they touch.

Norden is a land of ice and conflict where summers are short and peace - even shorter, where prophecies clash with the will of men and myths become reality. It is a land where a Beast and a Swallow strive to protect what is precious to their hearts and forge a better future together.   

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The Arcanum is a strange place. A world fragmented into pieces, distinctive realms each being cultivated by the careful choices of their Controller, tended to by their Guardian. It sounds peaceful, but this is a wild, violent place where the average length of survival for a newcomer is just one hour. Sara has landed on an island, the waters of which are home to the mighty Ouroboros, the wild Guardian of this shard who has lost his Controller and now runs amok, unpredictable as the sea in which he resides.

The island itself is mainly tropical, boasting lush jungle, white sand beaches, plentiful palms and coconuts and all the fish one could want. It is warm, but wracked with storms that only grow stronger and less predictable as the shard itself grows more unstable. Native wildlife includes Fairy, the "lizard-thing" Sara has named a mizard, a strange monkey-shaped gliding lizard, and "grumpy turtle", a snapper the size of a car and ill-tempered at the best of times. She has also discovered, by virtue of almost being eaten by it twice, the island has become a home for interlopers, Greater Hydemons who have migrated from another realm. They are normally plains-dwelling mega-hyenas, living in matriarchal packs. How these have managed to travel so far away from home is a mystery yet to be uncovered.

The biggest mystery of all of course is how and why beings of sentient races are finding themselves transported here, scattered across these many fragments seemingly for the sake of dying. As one of the few true survivors, it will be up to Sara to figure out both how to stop it and how to get back home again.