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Title: Ashes of Hell


Nestor is a monk, he dedicated the entirety of his life to the church.
Yet destiny was far crueler than what he could ever imagine. His arrival at lands of magic and madness will change his character forever.
In the city most known to be housing damned souls will he stay true to his humanity?

The story is set in a high fantasy world, although you'll have to expect it being quite dark in general, as the title may suggest.

No romance involved at least until much later on.

I am not a native speaker myself, but I'll try my best, thus any correction is welcomed.

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My new book: NOCS
Genre: Post Apocalypses' Story, Cultivation, 

Did you know how long it took for the end of the world to happen? A split second according to Qodex.

Even as an advanced civilization, their shield, barriers, and weapons couldn't keep out the hell's advance. His world was destroyed in a single instant when the hellions came pouring out of the gates. In one fell swoop, it brought forth the new era of the Darkness.

However, reeled from the shock of the attack, the darkness was quickly quelled by the light of Humanity—the T.O.T.E.M.S.

Now, Qodex fight desperately to hold the line between the two worlds, hoping to stave off complete destruction. However, his efforts may prove futile in the face of the growing threat of the demons.

Will he be able to protect humanity? Will it all crumble beneath him? Only time will tell…

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Quote:Lei Gong’s eyes were a deep, luminous crimson ringed in amber. A color he’d never seen in any human, nor God. It was a gaze maidens fell into without resistance, and one an average man fled from.

But he was no average man. 

If you love stories centered around tragedy, characters that go from powerless to OP, morally grey characters, cultivation fantasy, and the grumpy/sunshine trope then check out my story The Failed Assassination of the Thunder God! It's a glacial burn BL high fantasy romance following an immortal assassin and the God he's accused of killing! 

It's at 50k words right now and I'm just getting started! Warning, though. . . The content can be pretty graphic and isn't suitable for all readers. Discretion is advised! 

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Tale of Tales is a weekly updated epic fantasy series with fairytale vibes, nearing the size of a novella so far.

The plot is set in medieval times, with a lot of mytology. In the prologue, the triad of Fates is deciding the fate of a child. Then, years later, that girl returns from the woods with her dog to see her entire world in flames. She is blinded by her house’s guardian snake and forced to flee, pursued by what seems like darkness itself. For most of the story, she is not the main protagonist, but the people who gather around her in a series of seeming accidents. These remarkable characters, the enigmatic party of wanderers, are mostly based on ancient myths and folktales. Heroes, witches, magic, prophecies, many scary creatures... Hope you will enjoy it, you can reach the tale via my banner below.

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The Spear and The Cross

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure
---> The story focuses on the titular protagonists, a half-orc and a human, in their long journeys to save their world from a long-forgotten outsider's interference and of their people's fruitless, constant wages of wars that resulted into decades of bloodshed. From enemies to, perhaps, friends in time, they will, along with a few companions, go on to save their world, Marrh, from an ancient enemy through derring-do, cunning, magic, and brawn. May include strong language, and gruesome depictions of death.

Synopsis: The World of Marrh has been embroiled in a decades-long struggle between the eventually divided Zurul Horde and the ever-decaying Juman Empire. A war whose causes for carnage have long been forgotten. A half-orc and a human will eventually meet paths, their fates intertwined to save their dying world from their peoples' conflict and from an outsider's interference... Will they succeed, or will they succumb to failure? Only the Divine will truly know.

Update Schedule: Possibly, three chapters a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at around 12:00PM+ EDT or 12:00 AM+ GMT+8) or if I decline due to a personal problem of sorts then perhaps twice a week (Mondays and Fridays at 12:00PM+ EDT still or 12:00+ AM GMT+8).


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I have missed the last month lol but here is my novel "Escaping the Abyss"

Genre specific: Crime/Mystery/Thriller/BL

Chains, bottles of liquids were scattered across the dark room. If your hearing is sharp enough, you could hear screams echoing throughout the building.
“Will I always be alone and remain caged in this hell?”
Dark clouds gather around the city, a mastermind in the shadows giving rise to turmoil and doubts. Blood and pain filling the streets. Mysteries arise that needs to be solved.

Cal, a young investigator joins the Conciliators, an Organization that fights against crimes with...unusual methods. While rising to the occasion of his new occupation, he gets assigned to team up with a man that has a quite unpleasant attitude.

“I won’t take responsibility for that, not again!”

Tormented by the past, Sigal pursues a path of solitude until he is forced to team up with Cal to solve crimes. Regardless of their clashing personas, the two have to overcome their conflicts to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead and uncover the truth.

“I won’t give up!”

Blood splatters on the ground, while laughter in the distance can be heard. As Cal wakes up, he finds himself in a warm embrace.


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2356. Nearly 300 years since Humanity lost the surface from the invading monsters that nearly snuffed all vestiges of humanity out. Guns, airstrikes, and even nukes failed to deter the Horrors as they spread to nearly every inch of Earth's soil.  What was once the most dominant and abundant of species now lives sheltered in massive underground cities and intricate tunnel systems. These bastions of Humanity's defiance, shelter the remnants of civilization by drawing upon a source of power known as Mana.
Discovered the same day the Horrors emerged, many would say it drew the strange portals that brought upon The Collapse, while others, a merciful act of god to empower humanity to resist extinction. Whatever the case, special humans known as Awakened wield mana to defend humanity and carve out a sense of normalcy from the wreckage of their lost civilization.
Jack is one of these beings, however unlike his fellow brethren, Jack is unknowingly a Harbinger. A walking, talking, time bomb, that when blown, could unleash a cataclysm that could finally finish what the Collapse could not.
Slow burn type of story, with high-intensity scenes, political intrigue, and exploration of various dark themes. Plan to make a webcomic out of it :3 Also has several illustrations
The end of Humanity.
Unless of course Jack learns to control his power, then it's anyone's guess as to what he will become, Humanities' Savior, or it's Harbinger of the End. Or maybe dead in a government Black-site if the bomb collar around his neck explodes. 

The views depicted do not represent the author's views but the POV of the characters.

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Mark of the Fated is a mixture of levelling, skills and abilities, loot, monsters, bosses, and vast worlds for the MC to fight through. From lands overrun by orcs and goblins, to worlds where Hell's legions have enslaved humanity.

Blurb -

The vast comet should have destroyed us...
When it slowed, then landed, everything we thought we knew about the universe changed. And for Mark, things just got way stranger, and far more dangerous.
They came from another dimension, condemning our selfish, greedy ways, but sensing in us a potential to change. So when they chose Mark as a volunteer in their deadly trials to save the human race, how could he say no?
Join him on his quest for loot, levels, and powerful abilities. He'll need them all as he fights in kingdoms large and small, battling demons and dinosaurs, vampires and robots, orcs and... fairies?
For Mark, the price of saving the planet looks to be a world of hurt. Maybe he would've been better off if the comet hadn't landed so softly, after all?
Mark of the Fated is a violent, darkly comic LitRPG series.

Fiction link is in my sig. I hope you enjoy it :)

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"Deceit is the game of petty spirits, and that is by default a woman's quality."
- Pierre Corneille.

After his brother's gruesome accident, a young property developer arrives in the village of Palampur to seek vengeance.
He meets his culprit, the girl who'd stolen his brother's heart and left him to die.
Events unfold to trigger a sordid game where truth blurs with lies, good with evil. It's a game where everyone plays blindfolded, there are no winners, nor losers.
All that remains is an inevitability called fate. One must accept it if they wish to survive.

Join Darsh Rathore in his journey to seek the truth, and also to find himself in the unlikeliest of places. 

A slow burn, slice-of-life story.

Link in signature

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Thank you TS for giving an opportunity to promote my novel. I hope you enjoy this one! PeoReading

During a reincarnation in Aidinth in Dragon Wolf's year, a baby is born and dies before he can take his first breath.

During a reincarnation on Earth in 2001, the same baby is born and lives to tell the tale. That baby becomes the 21-year-old Julien Weiz, a weak but strong-willed man.

What if there were second chances? Third chances? Fourth chances? Would you eventually be able to save yourself, your people or the world from skirmish Arcanist who kill each other? Would you even want to?

The Dark Emperor who is the shadow of Julien Weiz and his truehearted lover, Freya, as their magical lives tumble through turbulent events in different realms, again and again.

However, Julien finds himself troubled by his magical ideals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions. Will his conscience allow him to do whatever is needed to stop the Arcanist?

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Hi there, Book 3 of Deepest Depths has just started releasing! 
With a total word count of nearly 430,000 words between book 1 and 2, now is as great as a time as any to catch up! 

Max, an average IT worker, suddenly finds himself in a new and dangerous world. From talking with gods, to making deals with ancient monsters, Max's new life is anything but ordinary. Follow Max in his quest to go home. Along the way, he will learn magic, save lives, and end some also. 

The world of Nava is governed by the strong and powerful. It isn't until Lost Lord or Ladies, who are people that were taken from their world and thrown directly into the spotlight, change the balance of order. Will Max's new title of Lost Lord cause many enemies to surface? Or will he fade into obscurity and work towards his goals.

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Looking for a progression fantasy that doubles as a coming-of-age isekai story? Check this out!

The Academy is a place where the brave, the bold, and the inquisitive gather. These trailblazing youths who spend their days training to explore unknown lands and challenge unseen dangers all in the name of riches, fame, and honor. To this most esteemed of realmsverse institutions comes a new challenger. His name is Will Wisdom, and he seeks to become a novice of the Academy, not just for wealth and fame, but also to discover the truth of why he’d once been sacrificed on the altar of the gods of death only to come back to life and start anew.

Yep, you heard right. Will’s got a crazy secret. He’s a teenager stuck with Extra Life, a curse that allows Will to relive the same day of every death until he finds a way to live and see tomorrow. Now, this isn't exactly a bad thing. Not for a boy eager to learn from his mistakes, adapt, and grow to become the kind of adventurer who takes on the epic quests and grand challenges that turn nobodies into legends.

The Academy’s the perfect place for Will's journey of self-discovery too. Assuming he survives Swords and Sorcery, Apprentice Alchemy, Dungeon Excursions, P.E., and the rest of the crazy list of training courses in his novice schedule. Will may need some help—and going solo is definitely not advisable!
Welcome to the Academy, Will Wisdom—hope you survive the experience!

Release Schedule: 7 times a week

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MaXabiere Berrygrewd, or Xabe for short, is a sixteen-year-old boy who lives in an enchanted world called Enchanteria, a place full of magic, wonders, and mysteries. And in that world, there are mortal heroes of any race called the Flash guardians: Who train and practice their magical abilities, talents, skills, and spells to stand against evil and become the forces of good. Xabe found them admirable, so a small part of him wanting to join them, but he only looks at a smaller picture as he lives in a peaceful, prosperous town of Yardsville in the landmass of Etheron. 

But his life was not all that peaceful, though. A long time ago, the greatest threat was created and caused nothing but chaos, death, and destruction. Devastrigon is its name: a colossal three-headed dragon that conquers the sky, wreak havoc on the earth, trembles the seas, and give wrath to the flames. Unlike the united clans of the dragons, this one is a king of its own, and thus it has followers that sought to take over the world- and so the dragon war began. 

Even the Flash guardians find this their greatest threat they had ever faced, but fortunately, awakened from his slumber, arise the legend known as the Dragonslayer: an unknown avenger that can outmatch any dragon with his strength and mighty roar. He had earned the out most respect from his deeds and power. However, what lies ahead of the slayer is not what it seems, for his purpose is to not bring an end- but to give a start. 

And that starts with MaXabiere, who, deep down, has an inner power that has been growing little by little as he uses them. Although, the inner power is still in a sleepy state and must be awakened in order to see the unimaginable potential. He must join alongside with the Flash guardians, must be trained by the Dragonslayer, and he must realize his true destiny in order to see the bigger picture by realizing what it's like to be a slayer, a guardian, and a hero.

The very first installment of “The Flash guardians” series has forged the magical world, diverse characters, epic quests, and the beginning of a new legend of the Dragonslayer awakens.

*Book cover is illustrated and designed by M. J. Cervañez

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Hello everybody, Zalut here!

I just wanted to introduce myself and let everybody know about my saga: Rise of the Business [Class] here on Royalroad.

I started writing this summer and I just got done releasing 50 chapters in two weeks working off of a 16k word draft, and trust me the review(s) are GLOWING!

With phrases such as "Look the story sounds cool but" and "that gets the story out there but" and can't forget about "Sure there may not be many typos but" You can trust me, this is one you don't want to miss!

It is a somewhat serious and hopefully well-written story, but I have made deliberate choices like picking a name I don't really like that much for the MC with the plan to change it later on, as part of another characters development. Just things of that nature that I personally haven't seen before and thought could be fun as a small detail in the grander scheme of things. 

I am not taking it too serious, I do hope that is evident, it is my first project after all. 

I hope to finish book 1 in another two weeks, having everything done but further editing, and landing at around 70-90k words.

If you give me a read I will be forever grateful.


Quote:In a world of [Classes] and magic, are there still new ways to get ahead in life, waiting to be discovered or re-discovered?
Harold, his brother Oscar and Kalle try their hand at a new life on the road once they get their [Classes] at age 16, but are they really prepared?
Livia is stuck reading in her favorite library, which she hasn't visited in years, because her internet is down at home.

But chance sends Livia to a world she could have never dared enter willingly. Is it as bad as it seems or will her knowledge of not only the world she enters but the future and past of that very world be enough for her to survive the learning curve?

Spoilery further synopsis:

The LitRPG world that Livia has been reading about is the one where Harold, Kalle and Oscar have grown up.

Despite being a huge fan of the series, she is sent there unwillingly and immediately ends up in a dangerous situation. She happens upon the younger boys and eventually becomes their leader, starting to promote a use of the [System] not based on combat Classes.

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