Re: Authors opinion on TFTC comments?

Wagenar Wrote: It's better than nothing, but not much. I'm a cynic, so I just see it as a author rep <-> comment count transaction and don't think about it further.
If it helps, some of those people leave a TFTC comment on stories that don't get author rep so it is unlikely for those people to be doing it for a rep transaction. Or at least not solely for that on those stories.
Peregrinate Wrote: I would love it if readers left behind tokens of gratitude in the comments sections on my story.
I kindof think TFTC is that (a token of gratitude). Someone spent a few seconds of their day letting the author and anyone else knowing they appreciate the writer sharing their writing with them. Sure, the time and money cost isn't huge (unless there are many, many chapters that have been commented on) but author rep is far cheaper in terms of time and the same level of cheapness in terms of money. And the benefits of both are more intangible than anything real that one can spend in a store.

On a slight tangent (as it is about translators), Deathblade aka DeathbladeISSTH on this site ( has a youtube video where he shares survey results of translator's opinions on a number of questions ( One of which is their opinion of TFTC comments and sold me on the idea that it was ok to take a few seconds after reading or rereading a chapter to leave a small token of gratitude at the end of each chapter. Hope this helps at least one person.

Jepson Wrote: I've tried hard. But still haven't received any feed back. Positive or negative I'd love it.
Have this weird quirk of favouring underdogs and positively reinforcing the idea that posters with links in their signatures to their stories get more readership traffic. So took a quick look at the summary of your story. Saw that it only has ~140 pages there. Probably quite a lot in terms of writing hours, but I have this personal thing where I have been too often burned by writers dropping online stories that I wait until they have a track record of writing at least 500 pages before giving it a shot. Have added it to my 'follow' list though, so that I can see if new chapters are added to it and will wait till it has >500 pages before starting to read. Sorry, personal idiosyncrasy, but it's part of what made me take a look at the story anyway so hopefully it evens out or is maybe slightly positive.

CrowsCrowCrow Wrote:
Slippery.John Wrote: Personally am a sucker for responses, but a simple "Thanks for the chappy" doesn't leave much to respond to  DrakanWine
Well there is the classic “Thanks for reading” but then we arrive at the other end of the issue and have to wonder what people think of that. XD
Can't speak for anyone else, but I quite like it. Nice to see my comment acknowledged. Rep is good, but just a short reply is nice too. Possibly better as it takes more time and in my mind that shows more appreciation.

Re: Authors opinion on TFTC comments?

Asviloka Wrote: I definitely appreciate them! I like comments that engage with the content more, but I know I have a hard time thinking of anything worthwhile to say myself as a reader. Sometimes 'thanks' is all you can come up with and that's still valuable.

Precisely. I can appreciate those TYFTC comments, because I am also a reader, who has experienced not being able to come up with anything meaningful to comment but still wanting to show some gratitude anyways.

As for the thing about it seeming transactional, I also accept that.

If they were farming for rep, then I get a comment on my fic in exchange for 2 clicks.

But if they were sincere, then I just gave a sincere person some rep! And Rep is good! (As perceived in RR)

So, either way, everyone wins.

I got a comment. And potentially gave a nice person some rep.
Rep farmer got their rep.
Sincere person was able to express gratitude and be responded to.

Re: Authors opinion on TFTC comments?

Personally I view TFTC and most variations of it as an upvote/like/whatever. I like seeing them... but I also mostly ignore them and never give them any rep. Sometimes when someone reads 20+ old chapters leaving a TFTC on each one the notifications get annoying...but I'm not going to complain too badly on it.

If someone comments on the story referencing stuff in it or asking simple questions or speculating I give 3 rep (used to be 1) and if someone gives a suggestion or spelling correction or similar I give 5 rep.