Re: How to get over writers block!

Luskarian Wrote:
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Luskarian Wrote: I actually hate you, and I absolutely regret clicking on your books.
Actually, they're not my stories, as clearly stated in the signature.
They're not even stories, you deranged muppet.

Anyways, I'm not spoiling it just so others can suffer as much as I did.
As they do not belong to me, I cannot verify whether or not they are, in fact, stories. I can only verify that they are not my stories. 

Re: How to get over writers block!

Three ways:

1) Go find some writing of yours that you haven't read in years. Hopefully it inspires you.
2) Write for at least an hour. No matter how hard it is. Just write. Repeat daily until the sickness is burnt out through the effort.
3) Be motivated by the misery of knowing you'll never finish anything else if you don't write.  


Or go read some books. Books help. They recharge you.

Re: How to get over writers block!

I find my writer's block comes in two varities.

The first is when I'm unable to write because I'm tired, stressed or otherwise distracted by the real world. Sometimes this is something I've just got to live with until circumstances settle, other times, trying to write in a new location can be very helpful. I find it impossible to sit at my computer at home and write sometimes, but if I'm out and about - a library, a park, a cafe, a busy foodcourt, wherever, the worlds will just flow.

The second is when I'm not particularly happy about a plot point, or a character action, and I'm unable to move forward because subconsciously, I feel like this moment/whatever isn't right, and I need to change something so that it feels more true to the story. 

Re: How to get over writers block!

MelasD Wrote: Wait, you thought this would be a guide? Oops, that was meant to be a question mark in the title.
Bruh! You got writer's block?

You're probably bored.

Or doubting your ability as a writer, thinking you're a hack?

Exhausted from writing regularly?

I saw you complaining about the braininess of the commenters. You're comparing yourself to others, thinking your stuff is crap or unworthy.

Just accept it, you're a hack, and stop caring, lol. That's what I do. Cough!*

And I give you this most excellent advice having not written anything in months, haha!