A free reviews - round 3. First 5 people! [CLOSED]

Here we go again.

I offer the first five people who respond to this thread a free review of their story.

I can’t promise I will read your entire story, however, you will, in the worst-case scenario I’ll read at least a couple of chapters and you will receive a simple review.

If your story sparks my interest, I’ll write an advanced review instead. 

The only thing you have to do is to be among the first five people who reply to this thread

I ask nothing in return. Perhaps a small favor you don’t have to grant, as you will receive my review anyway: check my favorite list and if any story sparks your interest, give it a chance. Maybe next time, there will be your story in there. 

[5 people replied, OFFER CLOSED]

Re: A free reviews - round 3. First 5 people! [CLOSED]

And we are CLOSED.

I am going to check the following stories in the upcoming week:
(links included, for everyone convenience)


For those which didn't manage to get among the first five, don't worry, I will make this kind of thread again in the future.