🎵 the wide world of inspiration behind our webnovels🎵

here's something that i was thinking about recently
webnovels have evolved quite internationally
via translations from one culture on to the next
there's a world of influence in each and every text

if you stop and think, how many countries come to mind
in what cultures are the tropes you like easy to find
how about the inspirations for what you now write?
who knows, some unknown origins may just come to light


Re: 🎵 the wide world of inspiration behind our webnovels🎵

I love mythology, folklore, legends, fairy tales and all that. I grew up with them and good old fantasy (and scifi) so they are a part of me. I wanted to incorporate my love for them into the world and setting.

I also enjoy both eastern and western styles of fantasy. Even different countries have different styles that are considered traditional for them. 

I like some elements of litrpg but more so gamelit and so anything leans toward more to The Wandering Inn than anything else.

I love portal fantasy...

In short, I take the genres and ideas I find interesting, salvage what doesn't work well or feel right to me in them, then frankenstien a serial as a love letter to my roots.

Re: 🎵 the wide world of inspiration behind our webnovels🎵

When I look back on themes I enjoy the most
It's hard to pin it to a country or coast
Humanity, and the passion found within, is why
I think I've always been most drawn to things like sci-fi
Fellowships like in "Mass Effect" or "The Walking Dead",
Or where battlemates are found 'tween the pages I've read.
In what culture do we most celebrate "picking" your tribe?
Is it American? Hell, that'd be a ride.
"Blood of the Covenant is thicker than Water of the Womb"
Your family is not at your crib, but your tomb
No matter what kind of art I absorb, or I write
I find myself most drawn to the bond forged in a fight
Maybe it's a Viking thing? But it seems we all know it
And now you've got me talking this way, like some poet
I don't know if I can stop now so... thanks for that. 
Hope it did the same for you, 'cause you know... "tit for tat".

Re: 🎵 the wide world of inspiration behind our webnovels🎵

Storytelling of all kind. Books, movies, games, the works. Everything has tools that can be used to tell stories, or to show character, and the best part of all is you don't really need to memorize anything. Every form of art and media you take in will inevitably change you, at least a little. Being a writer/artist/whatever means being able to mix and match and make something completely your own from the materials and I've always embraced that. In my current project, I draw a lot of inspiration from my love of fantasy, sure, but also 70's exploitation movies and crime dramas. It's a weird mix, but I don't think there's much like it out there, and I think there's a lot of similar stories on here that end up unique and more than the sum of their parts.

Re: 🎵 the wide world of inspiration behind our webnovels🎵

Oh gosh. What a lovely thread. I have taken cues for characters from all over the world. In my series of Light Novels called DOTS, the is a dark-skinned Japanese assassin and a snow white cosplaying naturist. Then there is a Momma-san from Malaysia and Gyaru Girl from Western America. Also, a tiny Thai tornado named Teek, and her best friend and roomie, a big brash Emerati Muslim with flaming red hair. Fianlly there's my Egyptian Jew named Odeya, who's cocoa dark with a sundial of bronze hair.

In my story called The VocaLords, there also are Japanese, as well as Koreans and Americans. They love their pop and rock n' roll! Oh. And also there's an Italian ballerina whose stands ten meters high -- in flats.

Finally, in the story I am writing for Royal Road Magazine's June Writing Contest, called TRANSCIETY, there are Europeans galore! It has an Italian fashion show director and a Romanian male model. And the MC's dresser is from Germany. Later, there will be a Māori woman named Mahui who's tall and strikingly thin. She's jasper brown and fiery, adding spark to the MC's life.

After she first throws a can of yellow paint at him. 🙀