Name my next character.

I need to introduce a few short-term character. It will be there for about a chapter.
It takes place in a fantasy novel.
Feel free to pick race, class, and/or gender.
Anyone to write a review of my novel, The Iron Forge, and sends me the details of the character. 
First come, first served.
If you want me to reference you in the author's notes, and link to your story, totally fine.  

I thought this would be fun!

Re: Name my next character.

Haust Wrote: Iberius, the gecko blacksmith who has to wear a fake beard to fit in with the dwarves and their "you must have this much beard to work here" forge requirements, because he's a reptile and does not actually grow facial hair.

Awesome! I will add him into the village coming up in my next few chapters. Remember to leave a review, and I will add it in.