OVDC Wrote: I'd grade the tokens into categories of some sort. You can increase it by using the token, but at the end of every category (or at least high ones), there should be a bottleneck, such as, for a levitation token, "Levitate something 15 meters." Each grade should be a massive power increase (for example, an F-grade token for breathing fire has the fire at 100 degrees Celsius, an E-grade token is 1000 Celsius, a D-grade token is 10000 Celsius, and so on). You don't have to use letters, but use letters, gems/metals, or something like that, which group levels, which are a minor power increase (in the fire breathing example, an F-grade token level gives 1 Celsius, an E-grade 10 Celsius, a D-grade 100 Celsius, and so on). Don't make levels go the full way (in the fire breathing example, a grade should be 50-75 levels), to make the grade up better than levels. I'm fine if you use this exact system, but don't make it too different, that is how most good ones do (there are a few that don't do something like that, but as always, don't emulate the outliers). I'd make it so you can regenerate prana and it is kind of like mana. In the high grades, make it so levels take years, but in early grades, they take weeks. Make levels harder throughout a grade. Also, a grade shouldn't only make the token and its powers better. It should, at the least, increase prana, lifespan, and strength.
I've already decided to add those concepts to my power system, well except for the grading system that you mentioned so I'll have to think about how that would work with everything else that I've changed about it.