Unlimited Review Swaps [OPEN]

I did this once before and did a dozen plus reviews with other authors. I can't find the old thread, but I wanted to start a new one anyway for my new story, HUD: Wargame. If at all possible, I would really appreciate it if you could read through the end of Chapter 36. This marks the end of Part III, and it's after some character/plot development has taken place. My chapters average around 1,800 words in length, so I know that can be a tall order for some people. (I did the math and per my WIP document, the first 36 chapters contain about 66,000 words.)

As with all my review swaps, unless you request otherwise, I can promise a word-for-word swap, meaning if you read 66k words of mine, I'll return the favor. If you read my first 10k, I'll read your first 10k, and so on. Also, if you'd prefer not to have a potentially bad review posted, I can privately send you any sub-4 star or sub-3.5 star review, whatever your threshold. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do the same for me; this keeps our stories from plunging in the ranks while we can still exchange feedback and be honest with each other.

As with my last thread, if the thread is still up, my swaps are still open! If you'd like to swap, please comment here or message me privately with the word count you would like to exchange. You can say "my story is 30k" or whatever, and I'll tell you the corresponding length of HUD to read, or you can say "just read my first 10k" and read 10k or 10k+ of my story, however you'd like to exchange it and however generous you want to be. I have no expectations other than a fair swap. Per Royal Road rules, these have to be Advanced Reviews, so 10k is the minimum for both of us.

Whew--with all that out of the way, here's the list, which I'll strive to keep updated!  DrakanWine

  • (Unnamed WIP) by TienSwitch (exchanged privately)
  • The Mook Maker by beast_regards
  • All The Skills - A Deckbuilding LitRPG by HonourRae (given next priority for completed review)*
  • System Overclock by Beverlyy (given next priority for completed review)*
  • Sturmblitz Kunst: Becoming a Dissident for Martial Arts by Akaso (given next priority for completed review)*
  • The Desert Sun by Capwallcroft (at least 20k for 20k)  (given next priority for completed review)*
  • In a Civilized Manner by myoatbread
  • Star Passenger by Peregrinate
  • Atelier of the Forgotten Sanctuary by RazzMaDazz
  • Knight-Merchant: Reincarnated into a Fantasy World. by Nate Crotts (at least through Ch18)

Re: Unlimited Review Swaps [OPEN]

Beverlyy Wrote: Inserts my story. 

I can read the whole thing. 

I think I've done all my swaps.
Wonderful! Based on your page count, I'll read your whole thing as well!  DrakanWine

beast_regards Wrote: I reviewed your story based on the first 20 chapters. If you are interested in the review swap, please contact me through PM.
Many thanks again! I sent you a PM.