Help finding story. Light cultivation, and litrpg.

I'm putting down most of what I remember, so will have spoilers.

The story follows a male character. And is set in a distant future with lots of scifi aspects, that aren't really gone into. The entire universe is incorporated as part of the larger multiverse and through this humans unlock a talent. The talents have a large range but mainly either focus on one's body or soul aspects. The integration gave the universe a void like subuniverse where a person could do a form of projecting their consciousness to gather material to maximize their attributes. The Mc ends up in this forum with a 4 or 5 other people that are focused on maximizing their "builds" and one of them is a really rich person with perfect recall. In order to tier up one had to fuse with their avatar. Later a large amount of people from this universe find out how to get to the multiverse but it's a oneway trip since this universe can't support your body after you ascend. The Mc and his group go and cut a path in some direction in order to make an outpost for their universe to get their bearing. They make it to a giant cliff and if you follow the cliff it leads to a white space, with a poison aspect to it which would erode a person not in a maximized teir 1 body.

Any help would be much appreciated.