Which is better, curly noodles or straight noodles?

I was talking to my friends about which type of noodles were better. Curly or straight, and they surprisingly had very, uh, strong opinions. It was split about halfway, with half of them insisting that curly was the way to go, with them not only being classic but also being used in ramen packaging. Which, I'm not going to lie, swayed me just a bit to the curly side. While my friends on the straight noodles side said that you can easily get them in bulk at convenience stores and that they also carry the soups better. 

I was, of course, very interested in this debate and I wanted to see what others would think of this.

Re: Which is better, curly noodles or straight noodles?

Rotini/fusili tend to suck because the core of the spiral doesn't get fully cooked, and cavatappi (spiral tubes) tend to have the problem that sauce won't go inside them, though they are OK in broth soups.  I often cook with extra wide egg noodles that have a gentle twist to them, because they are perfect for thick gravy or sour cream sauces, easy to stab with a fork, and less messy to eat than long noodles.  For spaghetti I use ridged whole wheat spaghetti noodles broken in thirds.  As far as Asian noodles are concerned, udon noodles are what I use for chicken noodle soup.  The key is leaving the cooked noodles in the broth overnight, they soak it up becoming plump, soft, and chicken-flavored.  Serve with shredded mozzarella cheese melted on top, amazing. 🤩

Re: Which is better, curly noodles or straight noodles?

Not gunna lie, seeing the title of this debate sparked a strong reaction in me I didn't know existed. I'm surprised at how viscarally I feel my body tell "curly!" when I read the prompt.

Curly holds more opportunity for sauces and stuff to be picked up in the scoop. 

That is also to say...if someone has noodles they do not like the shape of...I will take them off their hands and...ah...dispose of them properly.

I may only use curly noodles for myself, but I'm not going to turn away a straight noodle if it's there. I'm not a monster.