Re: An Important Presidential Speech

Lire Wrote:
Buller Wrote: In conclusion, ducks are superior to penguins in many ways. They are more versatile, social, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing. How can ducks defeat dragons though? Well... that's a trade secret.

It is illegal to eat penguins or their eggs, but it's all good for ducks.
I agree  that ducks are superior.
But if ducks are superior, wouldn't they make duck egg eating illegal? Feels like the penguins have the political upper hand here...  DrakanThinking

Re: An Important Presidential Speech

Buller Wrote:
My fellow citizens of the world,
I come before you today to talk about a very important issue. Our duck overlords.
Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Why should we accept these duck overlords? They're not even human!"
And you're right, they're not human. But that's exactly why we should accept them.
They're not bound by the same limitations as we are. They're not burdened by the same emotions or desires that we are. They're not even bound by the same laws of physics.
They're something else entirely. Something... otherworldly.
And that's why we should accept them. We should accept them because they're not like us. They're something better.
They're something we could never hope to understand. But that's okay, because we don't have to understand them. We just have to accept them.
So I urge you, my fellow citizens of the world, to accept our duck overlords. Embrace them. Welcome them.
And above all, don't resist. Because resistance is futile.
Thank you.
^^ duck overlords

Well, they seem polite, so why not? Also, look at their cute little feet. Awww.

Hahaha... ahhh. Aww. That one is wearing a little business suit!

Re: An Important Presidential Speech

ArDeeBurger Wrote:
Ploopie Wrote: If there is anyone out there who does not want a duck, penguin or dragon overlord, vote for potatoes! Potatoes are cute, easy to hold, delicious friendly and good for you good for your mental health! Vote team potato!
Well gosh. I like potatoes. I often make those little red ones whenever I eat a roast duck.

Num yum! ❤🦆❤