Mini Comics at the end of each chapter, Yay or Nay?

Hey guys,

I've had this story in my head for about a year and wanted to do some After Theatre Doodles at the end of each Chapter.

These doodles/comics would be lighthearted and relate to the chapter's events or involve interactions focused on character dynamics and relationships. Featured characters would be depicted as chibis. My main concern is publishing a chapter with high stakes and loads of tension, which may be soured due to the stark contrast with the comics.

An example that I won't necessarily use: 

Quote:Chapter Scene: Character A had introduced Character B to a Gacha Game. Character A asks how much money they've spent and Character B jokingly says they are hoping for a bonus this year to cover the losses.
Comic: Character B finally gets the unit they've been shelling money for. The next panel zooms out, revealing they now live in a cardboard box with a sign asking for spare change.

So my question is, would this turn you off? Would you enjoy or look forward to them?

I've always been goofy with my writing and people have questioned my choices in the past (I don't blame them lol). I'm returning from a 3-year hiatus and exclusively wrote fanfiction in the past, which is probably why I was so lenient with the quality.  I think this is an excellent way for me to burn off some of that "gremlin" energy without it reflecting directly in my writing. 

Think I'm gonna do it regardless but was curious about if/when I should exclude these comics?