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Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

I guess I'll start, though it's not the same around here without EnhancedBeing.

From the fourth episode of the hit superhero series The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE, David Dufraine and his son Jack, better known as the superheroes Blue Eagle and Switch the Blue Eaglet, attend a technology convention when it's suddenly attacked by Frankie and Willie, the bumbling henchmen of the evil Queen Venus! They had been watching a demonstration of a molecular rearranger and, well:

The pair of robbers turned to the sound of the voice.
“It’s Blue Eagle!” exclaimed Willie.
“And Switch the Blue Eaglet!” added Frankie.
“That’s right, gentlemen. And trust me, nothing escapes my enhanced senses,” said Blue Eagle. He pointed to his ear. “I could hear you two flapping your gums from a mile away. Now, why don’t the two of you accompany us to the police station?”
Blue Eagle took a step forward, and Frankie, shaking with fear, took a step back. His shoe slipped on the wet floor, and he reached out a hand to steady himself as he fell. His flailing hand hit the activation switch of the Molecular Rearranger. The white beam projected from the form, connecting with Blue Eagle.
In a flash, Blue Eagle was no more. In the spot where he was standing, there was now a full sized American Bald Eagle.
“Blue Eagle!” cried Switch in horror. “He’s been changed into an actual eagle!”
“W-w-what the--?” stammered Frankie as he pulled himself to his feet. “Did Blue Eagle just turn into an eagle? I didn’t know he could do that!”
“That was you, you idiot!” said Willie, grabbing the device. “Good job, you took out the big man once and for all! Now let’s get this thing back to the boss before she transforms us into plant food!”
With that, the two goons turned and fled.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

Better late than never. We continue in today's chapter with Noah and Gregor fighting against an apparition that is trying to corrupt and kidnap Noah's daughter.

Quote:You should purify him, child. Let his spirit find salvation. Repeat after me: Cleanse the one before my gaze, calleth forth a burning blaze. Dost not leave a bone uncharred. Dost not leave from soul a shard!”

“To the ground!” Gregor screamed and rammed his whole body against Noah.
They crashed on the stone slabs, the gray dust doing little in the way of cushioning their fall. The impact robbed Noah of his breath. His head slammed against the hard surface, his ears ringing like church bells, and Red Dawn flew out of his hand. But all this was nothing compared to the wave of azure flames that traveled above them. Even with Gregor’s body covering him, Noah still felt the scorching heat. His body stiffened from the sensation. It was the same spell that had taken his face all those years ago, today - even more powerful and well-aimed than back then. The smell of burning hair and a small whimper attracted his attention.
“Gerash! Did it get you?”
“I’ll spit on it and it’ll heal,” squeezed the young shaman through his teeth. “But I might need a serious haircut afterward.”
For a moment Noah felt relief. If his friend was able to joke, the damage was probably not that serious. With a grunt, the knight rolled to the side, leaving a trail of charred clothes in the dust.
Scrambling back to his feet, Noah reclaimed his sword and turned to his friend who still lay sprawled on the ground.
“Can you move?”
“Sure.” Gregor stood up with a huff, throwing away the burned outermost layer of his garments. “Mir-mama, I’ll never complain about heavy ceremonial attires!”

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

From my brand new fiction 'Liana in between Worlds' (well, it's older, but I decided to translate it to English because the Dutch version went nowhere).

Portal fantasy, friendship over the different worlds, possible extinction of humanity, a dead alien world, and a small European schoolgirl in a big sweater with strange powers and extreme introversion as the MC:
"Daydreaming about other worlds with giant four-legged friends who had none of this world's problems, she passed the overgrown cherry laurel hedge of a deserted industrial site with a ruin that must have once been some kind of factory building. Nature had long since taken over wherever possible, with a steppe of wiry grasses interspersed with unusual exotic weeds, and beyond that impenetrable bramble thickets, a few willows, Japanese knotweed bushes and one huge broad poplar. She knew this place very well, but these days she usually walked past it without thinking.

Today was different and something wasn't right here. She felt a completely unfamiliar presence. She turned to take a closer look, and then she saw a strange flock of birds gathering. A buzzard screamed and fled when Liana arrived, but the rest of the birds stayed where they were: A pair of jackdaws and a feral ring-necked parakeet circled something, and a blue tit sat on the finger of... The finger of what, sorry, of whom? Did she see something or was the bird just floating in the air with its wings closed? She looked again and yes, someone was there. Had she seen that just now or not? Her brain seemed to be playing a game of optical illusions, and she could choose whether or not to see what she saw. She chose to see it.

A girl of about her age stood in between the birds and she talked to them."

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

From the unpublished chapter that I have been working on...for a month. A-yup. 

Context: We're still in the interlude from last month, during which our male lead, Lukios, went out for breakfast with his old military friends. They uh, got into some trouble and...burned a few buildings down. TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT! Nikias, a brilliant bureaucrat who is our terrible trio's friend in a high place, managed to mosey on down eventually, but then he got sucked into this weird street party and...well...(Nikias is a lightweight. Don't give him any booze, lol.)

Spoiler :

Quote:“Yes, Lukios.” Nikias breathed in through his nose, slowly. “I’m awake. Don’t jostle me.”

Lukios snorted in amusement, but did not push. “I don’t think we can get water from anywhere. Oh wait, there’s a light on over there. Hang on.”

“What? No. Lukios, don’t bother—” But it was too late. Lukios was already wandering toward the open window of a street-level taverna, which, if the position of the moon was any indication, was likely already closed.

Ah, Hades take it. Nikias closed his eyes and breathed, taking in the smell of the city. The night air was cool and crisp, but the streets smelled of piss and other refuse. His stomach lurched again.

…Did he not already have city slaves clean the streets every week? Perhaps he ought to make it thrice a week? Why did it reek so much?

Distantly, he heard the murmur of low voices, and then a laugh, then rapid footsteps. Lukios sat down beside him and handed him a cup. “It’s phouska. You can just rinse and spit it out.” Nikias opened his eyes and accepted the cup, then blinked, surprised by what Lukios held in his other hand.

“Flowers?” Well, that was fast. Normally it took longer for people to really try courting the Lion. Lukios grinned so his teeth flashed in the moonlight.

“Yup. Paid a few coppers for ‘em.” He waggled them in the air. “Ba’an’ll like these.”

Nikias blinked. Ah. Of course. Ba’an again. Lukios was most singularly obsessed. This was...concerning.

Nikias took a swig of the phouska, swishing it around in his mouth thoroughly before spitting it into the gutter. Then he did it again, trying to decide if he ought to say something.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

Quote:She tried to sit up, dragged her leg behind her as if it did not even belong to her body anymore. In terror she realized that her entire rear had frozen stiff. She had to remove the poison. The center of water rushed towards her back. She could purify water, she should be able to get rid of poison. The numbness had reached her stomach, and she felt queasy. Its spread had increased as well. She concentrated on her ability, balanced it around inside and the water flowed beneath the tense skin.

“Come on, come on,” she whined as the tip of her snout lost all sense. She tried to touch her nose but tipped to the side like a plank of wood as her limbs ceased to obey her, yet her center of water still ambled around in her back and saved nothing.

Don't get poisoned, it is bad for you.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

Casual small talk over lunch.
Quote:“By the way, I’ve never seen that kind of thing before.” I pointed at the scaled lizard the size of a sarcophagus he had hoisted above his shoulder. “What is it?”

“Tree-croc.” He said.

“Tree croc?”

“Tree-crocodile. Found it in the marsh. Near Regent’s Rest.”

“Oh.” I had no idea what a crocodile was, but if things like this were what lurked in the deeper end of the swamp, it only confirmed my visceral need to avoid ever going back there again, for any reason. “Regent’s Rest is where I found you, right? Why does it have eight hairy arms? Human-like hairy arms?”

“To climb better with.”

“Oh.” I swallowed thickly.

Yeah. I am never ever going back there again.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

Everyone needs to start with magic somewhere. From chapter 18: Dead Horse Walking which will be released on Wednesday

Quote:That was all very interesting information to Serena who had been expecting much worse results than she received. She nodded excitedly and opened her mouth to speak when an unholy whinny made her refocus on the shadow covered corpse. It seemed to be trying to move despite being completely dead. As she watched, she saw it start to twitch and shake before it finally stood up. 

The limbs were shaky as if it was a colt trying to stand for the first time. The shadows retreated and vanished, but it had forever changed the creature. Its body appeared almost normal with the occasional wisp of black smoke coming off its skin like steam from a kettle. The coat resembled solid shadows, with tufts of black smoke or fog around his hooves, mane and tail. The original white parts of the horse's coat were now ridges of reinforced bones that protected the creature. It's eyes were a hellish red, but there was fear in them as if it was aware that something was wrong.

There was also no longer any trace of the horrid stench that it emitted earlier either which pleased Serena immensely. When Ravana spoke again after several seconds though, her excitement died down somewhat.

"This is not what I expected," he stated calmly as she watched the shadow-horse struggle to stay upright. "I suppose this means we will need more practice." He sighed softly as if resigned to their fate.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

From the most recently released episode of Soul of the Shieldmaiden:

Quote:The crowd remained silent as I stood. I raised my bloody seax above my head, and looked to Jarl Magnus. “The Gods have decided for Skalmarnes, my Jarl,” I said calmly.

Still no cheers. No laughter. No applause. No anger. The shock that had settled on the entire assembly felt hard and cold like a piece of sea ice on a winter’s fjord.

Jarl Magnus, though, knew how to work a crowd. He stood. “So they have,” he said. “Aelfwyn Shin-Kicker I named you when I took you to my service, but Aelfwyn Anklesbane seems more appropriate, now.” He looked to the men of Fagradalr. “The matter is settled, then. Return to Jarl Jormund, and tell him how a serving-girl of Skalmarnes slew the greatest warrior of Fagradalr, lest he repeat this folly. The Gods have given that meadow to us. Do any here contest that?”

None did.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

Heyo! Today's snippet from Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix is about therapy.

Quote:Theo had never been up these stairs before. Or to the second level. The rest of the building could be passed off as carved, but these stairs were clearly grown out of a series of thin roots, almost feeling like he was stepping up an oddly-shaped thatch roof.
Thankfully, the meeting rooms were clearly labelled, and he didn’t get lost on the way.
Even so, when opened the door, he paused, wondering if he had somehow misread things.
A quick peek outside confirmed that no, this was where he was supposed to be.
The inhabitant of the room let out a throaty chuckle.
“Well, hey there Theo.” Of all the people he imagined to be a therapist, Sean was not even close to being on his list. Greying and covered in scars, he looked a lot more like the Pub regular that he was than anyone capable of giving advice sober.
Then again, his advice had been pretty good when he was drunk.
“I didn’t realise you were a therapist.” He tried to keep the surprise out of his voice.
“It’s pretty common for older warriors when they hang up their swords. Experience, wisdom, and hopefully some empathy means that the ones that don’t drink themselves to death end up here.” There were stories behind the bitterness that crept into his voice.
A question percolated in Theo’s head about why specifically warriors, but before he could ask Sean cleared his throat. “Anyway, you’re not hear to listen to an old fart complain. Ask me when we’re at The Pub. Why don’t you take a seat over there?”
Have a lovely week!

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

I didn't set my alarm.

But hey, I'm here now, so let's take a look at this scene from Episode 7.2 of Outsiders of Xykesh, where the girls discuss getting to watch their mentor and de facto father figure unleash on an enemy for once:
Quote:In the stands, Kiva and List stared slack jawed at Arden, who stood seemingly unbothered as urks moved in to drag the unconscious werewolf out of the arena.

"Spirits," List breathed. "Where the fuck has he been hiding all of that?"

"Dr. Siren doesn't like drawing on Saint Hedwig's power more than he has to, and he prefers not to solve fights himself when he can use them to train us," Valerie said.

"About that," List said. "What kind of saint is Hedwig, exactly?"

It occurred to Valerie that List, an amnesiac with no real knowledge of the world outside Xykesh, might not even know the significance of the question she was asking.

"The Saint of War," Valerie answered.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

I finished the final chapter of New Kid on the Ship a little under a week ago. It's technically summer in this episode, but no one's having a fun time on the beach. Still, things are about to get heated. That might also be because this scene takes place by an active furnace.
Quote:“Ah, good.” Leon noticed the phone in his hand and reached out to grab it. “You can hand me that.” He had to tug a little to get the phone out of Angelo’s hands, but he did so. “Are you still upset about what happened to Gramps?”

Angelo’s eyes widened.

“Emil said he hoped he was doing well, and I had no idea what he was talking about. Did Mamá text you about it?” Leon turned on his phone. “I figure I could find out what happened while you recover.”

His brother nodded slightly. Whatever happened must’ve really shaken him up. Didn’t Emil say that their grandfather recovered? He scrolled through his phone for answers until he made it back up to August 10th, the day Angelo left the infirmary.

‘Léonardo,” she always called him by his full name, ‘what I’m about to tell you will be very difficult to hear, but you should know.’

Leon prepared himself for anything.

‘Your brother is missing.’

He didn’t prepare for that. The words he read didn’t change, not even after going over them a few times.

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

short snipped from side charatcers of my latest chapter, cause its funny lol and yes I know its not sunday XD I am latteeee

Quote:Nowe, Asher’s partner, stood beside him; his short black hair unkempt and his clothes in disarray. “Don’t worry! This time I am here, and nothing will happen to you!”

“You are exactly one of the reasons why I am worried, you maniac!” Asher could feel a vein pop in his head. “And what’s with your hair and clothes? Can’t you, for once, show up like a normal human being?”

“I was playing games till late at night…I almost overslept,” Nowe replied with a sulking tone in his voice.

Asher placed his head in his palm and let out an exasperated sigh. “You are hopeless…”

Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

"You want me to help you... Kill your father?" My incredulity echoed within the room, returning with hollow emptiness. "As in... God... Like the god?" I searched Lucifer's face for any indication of jest, hoping he was playing a cruel joke that he would reveal any moment now...

"This is no joke, Desmond. I want my father killed, preferably by our doing." Lucifer prodded his ruby hued hand between us, stilling holding it out for me to shake.

'He's really not kidding...' I thought, knowing he could still hear me.

"So how does that work? Isn't he like omnipotent and all knowing and all powerful? Wouldn't he know you're planning to kill him?" I asked, retreating a step, my back thudding into a bookcase behind me.

"Yes. But much to your point earlier. What good is knowing, if you are helpless to stop the result. You will become strong enough to do it, of that I am sure. All I ask is that in return for helping you, I get a little something in return." Lucifer's eyes held hunger behind them, masked by casual eagerness.

I scoffed outwardly, but despite my better judgement... I inwardly considered the deal in earnest. Just because he was going to help me grow in power did not mean I would ever actually become capable of killing a being such as God. I was only one man after all, Wizard or not. The devil trapped within my soul was one thing, I was confident I held the advantage over him once I grew in power... But an honest to gods... God... This was clearly a deal that was skewed toward my reaping benefits now, while his would be a gamble for much later....

I took a deep, slow and methodical breath, feeling the answer deep within my heart. I stood to gain too much. Not the least of which was an assurance that I could begin to trust Lucifer, if only barely. Whether I wanted to admit it or not I needed him just as much as he needed me.

A snippet from a recent chapter, feel like this does a fair representation of the overall novel and where it's headed.


Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

From Infernal Academia, Chapter 71 - The Devil in the Details

Quote:"He kicked you in the gob until he broke all your teeth?" Quinn finished, quirking an eyebrow.

"Punched, actually, but yeah. Then they just... grew back. And he laughed, like he was expecting them to."

Nodding a couple of times, the Imp got out of her seat and traipsed over to her teacher. Without warning, she pried his mouth open with one hand and started poking at his new teeth with the other.

"Yeah, these are definitely different... Just like a shark, huh?" she mused, running a finger along the fine serrations.

"Ooh! Ooh! Like your penden!"

"Pendant, Lottie, but yeah. Say, if you lose your teeth again, could I keep them? I could make a killing flipping them as necklaces."

"Quinn!" snapped Karazelle, pushing the Imp away.

She just shrugged.

"Can't blame a girl for trying."