Audio Narration of my Fantasy Webnovel

Not sure if this kind of art is allowed to be shared, but here is my narration of my own webnovel, currently up-to-date. When I write my fiction I try really hard to make the prose work best as if it were read out loud, so hopefully that reflects in the narration I've done. 

It's the same story as the one in my signature. If you do enjoy the narration and/or the fiction please lemme know, any encouragement can make my day. Thanks! 

Chapter One - Amaryllis -
Chapter Two - Amaryllis -
Chapter Three - Chicory -
Chapter Four - Chicory -
Chapter Five - Chicory -
Chapter Six - Amaryllis -
Chapter Seven - Chicory -
Chapter Eight - Amaryllis -
Chapter Nine - Chicory -
Chapter Ten - Amaryllis -
Chapter Eleven - Chicory -
Chapter Twelve - Amaryllis -

Re: Audio Narration of my Fantasy Webnovel

Look, this looks pretty good. Honestly, I've only come across audiobooks before, which are written text and then already converted to audio format. And here it's all in audio. It's funny.  I have a pretty regular family, so I didn't pay for audiobooks, I just listened to it all on YouTube. Later I learned how to download YouTube video as mp3 and my life turned into heaven. And now I'm earning my own money so I can afford to buy an audiobook. But why, when there are such wonderful works like yours? :)