Re: How many chapters?

Bresandor Wrote: [...]

Chapters should ideally be between 1K to 1.5K words, if you're releasing frequently. Infrequent posts, you'll need to make the chapters longer or people will complain. Shorter more frequent chapters offers a better reader experience, because everyone likes to press the "next chapter" button. A story call The Grand Game wrote up around 700 character chapters. Super bite sized, but released each day. Didn't talk at all to the community. Showed up, posted story, moved to KU and made bank. If you can keep that pace up, go for it. 

Nobody will be able to tell if you have longer chapters or the work that's needed for that. You will never get a pat on the back for posting a chapter that's double the length, people won't notice, so instead, break them into two chapters and post those. That gets you a lot farther.  [...]

Thank you! This is specifically and exactly what I was trying to find out now that I've started dredging the forums. (The rest is, of course, also very helpful, so thank you again.)