Free Reviews! [Now Closed]

Hello everyone,

Since right now I am looking for the things to read, I am offering your story a chance for a free review

I'll read any type of story.

I can't, however, guarantee I will read all of it. But you will at very least receive a basic review, or even advanced one if it's happen to be story that really caught my attention and made me to read more into it.

Let's say first five so I am not overwhelmed.

[Now closed]

Re: Free Reviews!

And here we go. CLOSED!

First five novels I am supposed to check and provide simple review at minimum are:

Royal Road will notify you when I post a review. I will look into the first of those after I post this, others will be done in due time


The Twins of Masylm - read, with advanced review. I liked it. It's a Slice of Life that markets itself like LitRPG Adventure. If it marketed itself as Slice of Life I would give it 5-stars.

Re: Free Reviews!

I know you're closed, but I wanted to say that this is very generous of you, and thanks for your contribution to the RR community! 

I also suggest you change the subject of this thread to say [closed]. A lot of people do not read down the thread, and will just reply immediately, so this this will help you cut down on the number of requests/replies. =)

Good luck! 

Re: Free Reviews! [Now Closed]


I thought about rating those stories against each other, but I realized that I can't do properly and it would be very far from being objective. So, no Top 5 here. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, and they have their own unique flaws, which I can't reasonably put into the 1 to 5 rating scale.

For those who came in late and didn't had a chance to get a review, don't worry, there is a new thread coming up offering a chance for your story being reviewed,

And those who posted after I closed thread - I can't promise I'll review yours anytime soon after marathon those lucky five, but I know about you, and if I look for something new to read I may take a look on yours next.