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Sunday Snippets - Week 44😸

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A snippet from the chapter that comes out tomorrow! The main characters are trying to figure out their next move and come across the crow that has been giving them directions every now and then.

Quote:The longer we ran, the less people we saw. Everyone around us was rushing to get indoors. In any other situation we would’ve looked like maniacs, running after a bird in our tourist get-ups, but people probably assumed we were trying to hurry to someplace warm and dry as well. The crow led us past the Smithsonian and into a garden. We ran past a bunch of sculptures, weaving through them like obstacles, until we saw the bird land on the edge of a fountain. The water in it rippled hypnotically in the rain.

The crow looked at us expectantly as we caught our breath. I was feeling lightheaded; I wasn’t ready for exercise just yet. Not to mention I was completely soaked and shivering. 

“What now?” Charon asked.

I was puzzled as well. I wished the crow could speak in real life, like it had in the first dream. I stepped closer to the fountain. The crow, unlike most birds, didn’t mind me getting closer.

Coins glistened at the bottom of the pool. They looked almost magical. 

“Oh. Oh,” I muttered. I took my backpack off and rummaged through it until I found Fiona’s box. 

“What are you doing?” Amelia asked.

“Making a wish?” I said. I held up the silver coin from the box to the crow. “That’s what I’m supposed to do, right?”

Of course, the crow didn’t answer, but I thought it looked pleased. I got as close to the water as I could, one knee on the edge of the fountain. I brought the coin to my lips — I didn’t know why, it just felt natural — and blew on it. 

I want to find my uncle, I thought intently. Then, I tossed the coin. 

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A snipped from the latest Chapter =3

Quote:He strolled along the streets while observing the people, who either rushed home or walked side by side with their loved ones. Cal’s mouth curved upward at the smiling and laughing faces, yet a glimmer of loneliness and sadness reflected in his eyes as if longing for some warmth himself.

In the next moment, someone grabbed him by the wrist, which pulled him out of his thoughts. Startled, he stopped in his tracks and whipped his head around where his eyes met Sigal’s. Stunned by the sudden appearance of his partner he just stared at him in silence as if time stood still, not reacting at all.

“Why are you outside?” Sigal asked with a frown on his face.

“I…” Cal choked on his own words.

His last interaction with Sigal consisted of getting carried into the bedroom by him, thus, unintentionally his mind wandered to this event.

Sigal glanced into the distance before he pulled Cal closer. 

“Wha…” Cal’s eyes widened as he stumbled forward, almost bumping into his partner.

“You shouldn’t be outside, especially at this hour!” Sigal grabbed Cal by his shoulders and pressed him against a wall while he nervously scanned the area.

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thanks for making this thread

hopefully EnchancedBeing could find their wifi password XD

This snippet is taken from the recently released Chapter 22 - Part 2: Aunt

It is a rather small talk between the two MCs when they bought a breakfast for school. The story alternates between in game stuffs and real world slice of life things like this one

Quote:“You’ve now shared my curse,” she said with a hushing tone. Like a ghost, really.

“What curse?”

“To call her ‘big sis’ for the remainder of your life,” Mana continued, “Fail to comply and you shall invoke the wrath of the estranged daughter of the Hattori family.”

Pras didn’t heed much of Mana’s warning. He just glanced at Diana and from there determined that Mana’s word might have some truth to it since Diana had a somewhat softer and sweeter impression compared to the ever proud and bored Manna. As far as Pras was concerned, someone who seemed sweeter often held an unkempt fury deep beneath their heart.

Yet, one thing still made him rather curious. “Why does she look like a splitting image of you?”

“Oh my,” Mana chuckled, “The correct term is that I am the splitting image of her.”

“Yes, whatever, I’m just curious.”

Mana’s eyes glinted with mischief. She answered, “Perhaps, I am a clone? A perfect one if you will.”

Pras didn’t answer. Genetically that was not an impossibility. However, Diana’s words about Mana’s tendency to hallucinate just rang in his mind, forbidding him from giving further response.

Mana, seeming unaware of her secret admirer's silence, continued with an even bizarre suggestion, “Or perhaps, I was a mirror image like what those human rogues could make. If Dia-nee stacked enough intelligence, then it is not a wonder that a mirror image like me could have sentience.”

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This snippet is from Millisecond's 15th chapter: Keys to the Kingdom.
Context: A school locker key was found at the scene of a crime and the main character is trying to find the owner.
Luckily, she has superspeed... kinda.

Quote:In a mere ten seconds, Milly zipped all over the school, tried the lockers of all the first and second-year students, had a sip of water, went into her own class to scrub her name from the list to ensure she could not be marked ‘absent’, then tried some more lockers and found a match!

How terribly fast and convenient it must have looked! If it had it not taken a full forty Milly-minutes.

“Ughhh finally!” Milly groaned as that blasted key fit at last. She pulled open the locker and rummaged through. Pretty standard high school stuff that she’d seen dozens of times already. No convenient villain costume, but an English textbook gave her what she was after.

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A snippet from the Monday chapter. Our MC, Noh, and his best friend, the shaman/knight Gregor, are about to face a magic anomaly that has been invoked by Noah's adoptive daughter, Shana. A few 'odd' words you need to know:

mama - mother
dada - father
baba - granny
Mir-mama - The Mother Above; the deity worshiped by Gregor's people.
kush-turgan - great leader of men; the title of the six strongest clan leaders of the Binshi tribe. Regular clan leaders like Gregor are just called turgan.

Quote:He nodded at Gregor and the two slowly climbed the few meters left to the entrance of the gazebo. With each step, the air felt heavier and colder. As they ascended the marble stairs, several green-gold shimmers attracted their attention. Three bodies laid on the stone slabs, tiny rounded pieces of bone on their chests glowing like bright fireflies.

Mama, dada, Rasha!” exclaimed Gregor, his body swaying a bit as he tried to suppress the urge to run over to them.
“They are a bit shaken but fine, Little Wolf.” The quiet voice of Kash-baba reached them.
Noah saw the old shaman kneeling at the very border of what one could best describe as a whirlwind of darkness. Many more beads were dispersed around its base, forming a chain of golden-green dots. A broken cord with a single larder bone fragment hung between Kash-baba’s fingers, glowing like a dull green sun.
“What happened?” Noah approached carefully, his eyes fixated on the black wind funnel. “Is… Shana inside?”
“She is,” the old shaman replied without moving a muscle. “After you jumped over the railing, she went into a frenzy. That black thing, she invoked it.”
“What is it?”
Mir-mama, be my witness, I have no clue. I’ve never seen or heard about anything like this. Only another Star-gazer would know.”

Kush-turgan,” Gregor eyed the sizzling whirlwind and his expression looked sick, “this… doesn’t feel right. It… almost feels like the sensation I get from the Spirit Plane!”

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Translating/adapting/editing a completely new -to the world, I wrote it in Dutch a few years ago- story called 'Liana in between Worlds' that I'm going to try out here and then see what I'm going to do with it.

Context: Liana has just been on a surprise mission in a dead alien world to find (nonhuman) people that might want to eradicate all humans from this world, not that long after finding out about different worlds and making friends with Inaya the Nummerfil, member of the Council of councils of Nuanderra. And then she almost dies in a city-sized explosion after her enemies (and those of humanity) have betrayed each other but gets away by using her weird gift that she doesn't understand. This is from a more relaxed moment not long after that escape, before she goes back home where she'll have to explain why she missed several school days..

Quote:She closed her eyes and lay half asleep for a while, with a smile on her face, still drinking in the atmosphere of the forest. The little sounds of the birds and the insects and the calm rustle of the wind in the oak leaves made her sink into a peaceful state of rest. She hadn't even noticed the arrival of Inaya, but it suddenly made sense that she was there. She too was part of everything that Liana was swimming in now. “Do you know that we Numberfa are part of the soul of the forest?” she said, and this time Liana didn't know whether it was with words or without. “In the other languages of Nuanderra we are usually called the forest women. The snow people even call us the forest herders. And they are not just talking about us being shepherds of trees, but about taking care of all life in the forest, and everything that is in the side dimension too.”

'Liana in between Words', a genre-bending story in between fantasy and scifi will be posted here somewhere in the near future...

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Heres a snippet from chapter one of my book Life or Freedom, which is still in its early stages. (link in signature)

Quote:"Hello citizens!" A man yelled out, guards surrounding him left and right. The man in question was dressed in a suit smelling of freshness, his tie nicely done up and a gun out in his pocket. He was stood above everyone else on a podium with a grin upon his face.

On the other hand, the citizens he spoke too looked the very opposite. The smelt like milk that had been left for too wrong with dark circles beneath their eyes. Their clothing had multiple stains upon them and offered near to no protection from the cold weather that almost constantly hit them. Many of them shivered, the children gripping hold of their parents hands as the snuggled into them in hopes of getting at least some warmth.

The sound of stomachs rumbling could be heard from all around as beggars sat on the side lines, occasionally asking some random civilian, old or small, whether they had any food to lend. The answer was almost always no. That no was either a lie or the full truth. Although the odd one or two civilians did offer some food, it was normally no much bigger than a crumb. The same thing went for other essentials.

Mordred sighed as he listened to the suited man who he was stood around in his uniform .

"As you know, the GDU are working tirelessly to rid you of the threat that surrounds us daily. Sadly, in order to protect you from these beasts, we must ask that you all follow yet another curfew." Moans erupted from the crowd at the man's words. Mordred rubbed his temple.

'Ungrateful things.' Mort thought as he looked out at the crowd

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From Chapter 7 of Galactiquest Episode 11, New Kid on the Ship. Emil is starting to figure out that there's something off about the new guy...

Quote:Sitting down in his chair, Emil spun with his thoughts. The more he tried to convince himself he was making something out of nothing, more inconsistencies, more somethings came up to prove him otherwise. Like how much Leon babied his twin brother.

Twin brother. That reminder made him choke on his granola bar. Leon and Angelo’s upcoming birthdays put some of Lorenzo’s words into a new perspective. Sure, it was hard to believe Leon would be turning 19, but Emil could still believe that.

Angelo turning 19? Impossible. No way on Earth.

Emil took a swig of his sports drink to wash down the granola, but he couldn’t wash away his concerns. Something felt very, very wrong about this whole thing. Could Lorenzo be right? He didn’t want to believe it, but his excuses grew flimsier than ever.

Then he turned to face the cameras, seeing something that threw the rest out of the window. Angelo, lit by furnace fire, held Leon’s phone in his hands.

The burner room filled up the screen once Emil changed the camera panel settings to focus on just that section. He couldn’t stop staring. He couldn’t stop laughing.

“No way, no way, no way...” He repeated to himself in pure shock.

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Heyo! Today's snippet from IaMDM is a bit of paranoia oooh ~

Quote:Theo couldn’t help but replay the moment when the one they almost captured cut his own hand off with no hesitation. If they couldn’t win with four on one, there was no chance he could do anything besides run if they attacked him now.
His heartrate spiked with every alley, and he soon found himself walking almost in the centre of the road, far away from everyone else (and most importantly, any potential ambushers).
This continued until he reached the Commerce district.
It was eerie.
Worse than people keeping an eye on you as they walked by, was to interrupt a staring match of silent stall keepers, who all swivel their heads in your direction at almost the same time.
In stalls filled with food and novelty, bright toys and supplies, normally animated people almost became wooden puppets, and the strings that held their heads in place were looser than they should be.
That was the worst part. The fact was these were people he’d seen arguing and laughing and smiling. This was the first time he’d seen them silent and afraid.
He was unsettled, to say the least. Some broke eye contact to look more around them, while others kept staring as he walked past, trying to do his best to give all the stalls as wide a berth as possible in the cramped street.
They looked around as if being aware and knowing what was around them would save them from danger. Theo almost wished he could bring himself to believe that too, but once more his mind went straight to the severed hand stuck to the wall as vibrant blood leaked out of severed arteries, pink gristle jelly shimmering in torchlight.

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Quote:Nahana pushed herself off the back wall. As she soundlessly floated forward, only the pattering of the small waterfall echoed through the dim room. “If you behave like a hatchling. I will treat you as one.”

Her gut allowed the realization to enter her thoughts. Nahana knew she hated to be touched and aimed to exploit it. Sylph stepped forward into the knee deep water of her own accord as the servants approached. Nahana would not get the satisfaction of seeing her whine or resist and beg for her to stop.

Elina and Biscuit glanced at her with an awkward expression, caught somewhere between the smile a servant was expected to wear and terror. They seemed to disagree as much as Sylph with a bath as punishment. It was especially obvious in Elina. Her tail dragged over the floor like a sad mop. She met Sylph’s gaze, then turned around and bowed to Nahana. “Mistress, I was under the assumption that your daughter did not like to be touched by-” Elina’s words carried as much genuine concern as her words.

I present sheer horror for the MC.

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This excerpt is from Chapter 2 of Origin of Evil.

Quote:Gideon laid on his bedroll and watched the stars for a while until he fell asleep. In the morning he picked and ate wild blackberries before he broke camp and set off again. By the end of that day the green hills had flattened out into green plains, and the day after that the sun became noticeably more intense. Within a week, he had left the world of plentiful moisture and fair weather behind and entered the thirsty world of shrubs, cacti, mesas, and omnipresent heat.

The Kahn desert was what Gideon imagined being on the moon was like: an entire world of rock and sand consisting of the same tan and brown colors in all directions. It was a land beaten and brutalized into sameness by the pervasive heat and light coming from the sky. Nothing in the desert could escape the sun’s influence, or its notice. Even the blue sky had a tan tinge to it, and at the end of the day the tinge would give way to yellow, red, and purple colors that twisted through the sky, giving the sun the sendoff it demanded.

Most of the Kahn’s plants clung stoically to what little uncovered sand they could find between the boulders and crags, withering each day beneath the sun’s tremendous might. Only the cacti seemed capable of thriving, living in tight, clustered communities that made Gideon think of little human villages.

The intensity of the Kahn's summer sun only increased with each passing day he traveled, and within a few days the sun had become too intense for safe travel on foot in the daytime. He made the switch to traveling at night, getting sleep in whatever shade he could find during the day before setting off again at twilight when the heat began to die down. It got very cold at night in the desert, but the physical activity of constant walking helped to keep him from freezing.

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That’s it, I’m setting an alarm on my phone. I keep missing these on actual Sunday.

From the episode thag just finished “airing” this week, The Boy in the Shield, Part 4, where Valerie realizes she might have befriended someone dangerous…again.

Quote:Valerie examined Kaleb. Really examined him for the first time since he'd dropped quite literally out of the sky to save her life. By his own words, he'd been intentionally antagonizing the Pavers. He knew how to fight, and well. The deaths that had unfolded around this mess hadn't phased him at all. And now he was saying he was connected to people who . . . cleaned up crime scenes?

"Who are you?"

For the first time in this entire ordeal, Kaleb frowned. "That's another long story."

". . . I feel like I should tell the lawmaster about all this," Valerie said. 

Immediately, she wondered if it was a good idea to tell someone planning on covering up the deaths of several people that she was going to talk to the authorities, and she took a half step back.

Kaleb looked around again. "Right. Right. I guess you would. That, um . . . that should be fine."

"Okay." Valerie gave a slow nod. ". . .the lawmaster's not going to find anything here, is he?"

"No. Probably not." He sounded almost ashamed, which both surprised and confused Valerie.

"Are you going to kill me?"

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From yesterday's chapter. Edwin and his adventuring party are on an important and time-sensitive mission to find the hideout of a small army of goblins before it attacks the nearby villages. The just spent another day searching the wilderness and return to town.

Quote:“There’s people looking for ya’s. Just arrived a short while ago.” The grizzled guardsman said, chewing on some sort of root.

“Really?” Bordan said with surprise. “Who?”

“Head to the square, reckon ya’ll find out.” The man said with a shrug, spitting brown liquid to the side. Bordan rolled his eyes.

“Come on, just tell us.”

“Now where’s the fun in that?” the man answered with a cheeky grin.

Bordan gave him a flat look, then turned around and shrugged at his companions. They continued on past the smug guard and down the central street towards the square.

“Another party?” Edwin asked. “They would have had to leave almost immediately after us to be here already. Master Hector said it would be a week or more before we got help.”

Bordan started to reply, then stopped in his tracks as they rounded the last corner. The town square was teeming with figures wearing blue, the waning sunlight glinting off spear tips and helmets.

“Is that the army?” Leodin asked, surprised.

“That it is.” Bordan said slowly. “And apparently they are looking for us.”

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Finally updated my main project: Tales of Teleios.
XXIX: The Noxii

This chapter is mainly action in the play.

Quote:Spiculus blocked her sword with ease, with the metal armours on his both arms, he knocked her away.

“Rude! Mannerless! Pathetic noxii! You started the fight before paying respect to Caesar and the audience!” He leered at her, with a woman as his only opponent, he clearly knew there was no way he could lose this match. But he needs to put up a good show for the spectators.

“For the glory of the nation, let me teach you a lesson on how to be a submissive woman!”

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From Infernal Academia, Chapter 70 - The Last of the Rowdy Boys

Quote:"You must have questions," the Glutton said, looking over at Cobalt.
"O- Oh, yeah, lots. Um... What was he like...?"
Caeneus smiled wistfully.
"He was larger than life. Stubborn. Reckless. A little foolish. But a good man down to the marrow of his bones. He believed in freedom above all else, and he spread that belief to all he crossed paths with. He was quick with a punch in place of words sometimes, but he never forsook the opportunity to make amends with an enemy. He was... a hero in my eyes."
He clasped his hands in front of him and turned his gaze to the sky.
"He first accepted me when I came out. Helped me find comfort when I didn't even feel comfortable in my own body. It's the same with the others, too. With Davis, he gave him a friend to stand by. With Calvin, he gave him courage. Rims and Grunt both needed guidance that he provided without a thought, and we're all indebted to him."
Nodding slowly, Cobalt cleared his throat nervously.
"What, um... What was his name...?"
For a few moments, Caeneus didn't answer. He just stared up at the moon for a while before he finally took a deep breath and looked Cobalt directly in the eyes.
"Brass. His name was Brass."