Six-word Story Challenge

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

–Ernest Hemingway

Since I’ve seen other renowned authors do it, I’d love to know yours. Please note it could be any genre.

Here are a few of mine:

A barrel raised. Never known peace.

Stars overhead; in time, everlasting merit.

Kisses or more—mustn’t hurt ever.

Chocolates in red; next prey neared.

Candy shops and soda. Or tea.

Pale man afloat. River guidance, sweating.

Six stories for six-word fiction. Perhaps the number’s my calling (or not). I’d also love to know how you interpreted these stories.

Re: Six-word Story Challenge

The baby shoes one remains such a gut punch. It’s immediately clear what it is about despite the word limit. That’s tricky to do within those constraints. I’m not quite sure when I’m reading yours but I think the first one might be referring to a gun barrel that was constructed during an ongoing war. The chocolates make me think ‘mimic!’ But that might be paranoia.

Okay, I’ll give this a shot.

Our greatest hero lived too long.

That a grizzly? Hold my beer.

Re: Six-word Story Challenge

Well this sounds like fun.
CrowsCrowCrow Wrote: Our greatest hero lived too long.

This is some Harvey Dent shit right here lol

This sounds like fun, I'll try a couple (Johnny Depp trial anyone? haha):

You'll never see my eyes again 
Another cold beer, another cold body

Also want to mention the one from Incredibles:
Honey? Where is my super suit!?