Looking for a beta reader (unpaid) (still looking!)

Until the thread is edited to say otherwise, I’m still looking!

Essentially, I’m looking for someone who can look for grammar errors AND tell me if something sounds off—basically just someone to comment on the stories I’m still working on. It helps me stay motivated if I know someone’s liking it, and in some cases I need to be sure I’m not entirely insane while I write. The stories themselves will be posted on RoyalRoad; your payment will be thanks and credit for beta reading.
My demands are simple:
* Look for grammar mistakes
* Tell me if a phrase looks weird, or if something doesn’t make sense
* Tell me if it brings out an emotion! I want to know how people react to it, so this is probably the most important thing

The stories I’m working on are the following:
Gin and Kuro: The past predicts the future in strange, strange ways...and it foreshadows what’s to come. The world has been at war ever since its creation, and three nations see this pain the most—Gin no Ōkoku, Kuro no Ōkoku, and Sólstaður. The stories of their leaders—past and present—will lead up to the destruction of it all, should fate be allowed to continue. (Reboot/rewrite of my Silver and Black universe.)
Kris Malory’s Unlucky Misadventures: Kris Malory was normal until he was chosen as a ‘protector,’ a female-only role. Thrust into an all-girls school, he has to navigate high school AND fight monsters. (Mostly slice-of-life with action thrown in on occasion. An added role here would be someone who can help me with ideas for individual chapter plots.)

If your interested in reading one or both stories, send me a PM or respond to the thread! I won’t bite :)
Thank you in advance, if you want to try reading one!

Re: Looking for a (hopefully) permanent beta reader willing to read a variety of different stories (unpaid)

Buller Wrote: pure curiosity here
how many have offered in the last few threads?

One for each thread. The first was for a story I completed (Fallen), and I haven’t asked them if they want to read over these new stories because they’re not exactly what I want and I’m being picky. My other thread was for Raine the Escape Artist, and I had someone offer who was perfect but they haven’t replied to me in a few weeks (I understand if life’s happening, but I need help for that story and I’m not sure when they’ll get back).
And I did try asking the readers of the story I’m currently posting, Fallen, but I haven’t gotten any responses. Not surprising, considering that it’s (supposed to be, anyway) more serious than the one I was asking for help on (Kris Malory’s Unlucky Misadventures).

Re: Looking for a (hopefully) permanent beta reader willing to read a variety of different stories (unpaid)


Just curious, why do you write? Is it just for fun, family, friends or are you actively trying to pursue a career as a writer? 

The reason I ask is that I had a quick look at one of your manuscripts and have to say that what I read needs a lot of editing.  The problem with editing is that you, the writer need to do the heavy lifting. 

Let me know. 



Re: Looking for a (hopefully) permanent beta reader willing to read a variety of different stories (unpaid)

Would you be interested in a trade?  I will beta read one of yours if you beta read one of mine?  I just started a story for the magazine contest and could use some constructive feedback, similar to what you're looking for. Tell me if there's anything that sounds off or you think could be worded better, glaring grammar or inconsistencies, etc.

If you're interested, I'd be happy to beta read  Raine the Escape Artist.

Re: Looking for a (hopefully) permanent beta reader willing to read a variety of different stories (unpaid)

Orenum Wrote: What are the size of the chapters you write and how often do you write them? Knowing the potential time commitment can make a large impact on whether people are willing to volunteer their time.

About 1,000 words (usually less) a chapter and typically a chapter a day (that’s my goal, anyway; there will be days where I don’t finish a chapter).