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I see your "Pulchritudinous" and raise you "antidisestablishmentarianism"

More seriously, I am not so much enamored wit any particular words, and more a massive fan of thoughtful synonyms.

Frequently, numerous words might technically fit, sometimes so close in meaning as to be indistinguishable, technicall; yet each with it's own flavor, connotations, and history. 

It's the most eficient form of "prose" IMO not excess paragraphs of flowery nonsense, or superfluous adjectives overfilling sentences.

Simply the right word in the right place.

Re: Some words are cool

Lol I like ten-dollar words just a little too much. I try to limit the amount of them I use, since they don't make for good writing in themselves, and I think can actually drag a story down, but every now and then I like to indulge myself. 
When I went through some of the classics I ended up making a list pages long of strange words. I'll post a few:
Largesse, chary, lanuginous, energumen, demonomaniac, stylite, charivari, cacotopia, hieratic, Shrovetide, peradventure, scaramouch, inamorata, ablution, heterodox, squamous, Pollyanna, pleroma, three-hanky, agonic, jejune, hapax, pullulation, elogium, avuncular, uxorious, imbrication, harridan, arrant, Panglossian, glabrous, thurible, mendicant, paternoster, cataplasm, muricate, adumbration, philter, moxibustion, insouciance, bravura, ludibrious, sophrosyne... (I can do this all day)

Re: Some words are cool

Ralen Wrote:
Ziggy Wrote: Pulchritudinous.

No, I don't know why. Maybe it just appeals to the "word snob" in me.
I honestly hate that word. It just looks and sounds like such an ugly word. You'd expect it to mean the opposite of what it actually means.
Slander and malignity! I won't stand for it.