I looked through the last 10 pages of New Releases - Here is what I found

So. I couldn't sleep last night, and ended up looking through 10 pages of the Newly Released fictions. As I'm sure you all know, not all fictions are created equal. This post has been brought to you by my insomnia. 

Here is what I found. The good, the bad, and the extremely weird. Please note, I did not read any of these fictions, I'm just commenting on the titles and blurbs.

1) The Cursed Armour (R-18)

So from what I can tell... I think this is about a guy who gets stuck in a suit of sentient, cursed armor. But wait, it gets better. The author also says it might be smut. I have no idea how that would work, but I guess if furries have figured it out, so can our protagonist.


2) A Scientific ReQuest

This story is a comedy about a mid-thirties teacher of ecology getting yeeted into isekai land. First off, what an absolute gem of a title, right? Apparently the teacher knows nothing about games or systems. Seems pretty fun tbh.


3) Immanent Ascension (A Progression Fantasy Adventure)

This one seemed pretty cool. It was one of the first ones I ran across that actually had a release schedule (Which means they have at least thought about being committed). It's about a group of adventurers inspecting a castle. It also had random nouns bolded in the blurb, which was a bit weird to me.


4) WTF [Rewrite]

"It's about magical fish, magical dudes, destiny, love, gang fights, cults, and aliens. Title says it all."
The blurb really says it all.


5) The hand that ends the world

So, this is a short story about Will Smith assaulting Chris Rock at the Academy Award ceremony lol. From what I can tell from the blurb, this event then spirals out of control and brings about the fall of society. I leave this quote here which is about the MC: "Armed only with his mind, an average amount of cocaine for a Hollywood executive and his diary, he will try to keep his life and his humanity in a world where people get slapped."

Yep. That's all I have to say for this one. We must go deeper. We are only on page 4 friends.


6) Serverless Mage

So a little background about myself. I (TheRedNaz) am a cloud engineer, or so my boss tells me. So I think I may actually be the very niche target audience for this fiction haha. The blurb talks about cloud computing, serverless, and microservices. The story is about a cloud engineer who gets yeeted to isekai land (spoilers: this happens in like 60% of the fictions I looked at in this process) and how he endeavors to bring the joy of cloud computing to another world.

I'm not going lie, I actually read the prologue for this.


7) System Overclock

So you guys remember that old movie called Taken that came out in 2008? You know the one, with Liam Neeson on the phone, "I have a very particular set of skills..." That one? This seems to be that movie, but in Cyberpunk land. And instead of the dad and his daughter its two sisters. Seems like it could be fun. I also chose to add it because it had some pretty cool cover art.


8) I have cheats from Novel

I added this one on the list because I wanted to show an example of a lot of the fiction that I've seen so far on this wild ride. I don't think the author is a native English speaker (Which is totally fine). I also think they are very early on in their writing journey. Here is the full blurb:

"A young man who has cheats from various of Novels . 
Let's follow the story of Sun Tian where he encounters many up and down of Life . Falling in love, participating in dangerous challenges and battles , facing tragedy and so on .
Will our young man be able to reach the height where no one has ever reach ?
Will he become the legendary True Monarch which only is said to exist in legend and myth ?
Let's see how he will become the legend or will he fall down before writing his legend even after all those cheats he has in his sleeve ."

My take away here is that this is someone that isn't a native English speaker  (And trust me, there were plenty of others like this), but they are still willing to post their work. I think that takes a lot of courage and determination. If you asked me to write a story in another language I wouldn't have gotten nearly as far as this writer. Keep at it friend.


9) Dewshine Farm

Alrighty, back to the crazy. This story is about an army of invading colorful slimes which are apparently committing war crimes. (Authors words, not mine lol)


10) Act Naturally

I... where do I begin? I had to copy the blurb and get a word count for this one. It was ONLY 207 words. I say only, because more happens in those 207 words than I could describe in at least 1000.

Still, I'll do my best team. Looks like this one is about a dud film-maker who has a friend who has a special effects friend. He needs this friend to come up with a fire breathing dragon. So to do this, our buddy travels to Ontario, Canada where there is a village occupied by 168 fox-like aliens. Then I think they befriend the aliens and shoot a movie with them? Someone ends up dying and now the actors are suspected of murder. But then there is an Air Force officer from the States who wants to take the aliens back to the U.S, even though the aliens have been granted immunity by the Canadian government.

All in all, seems like a wild ride. Link below.


11) One standard adventure in Summoners Rift

Ok Leaguers. This one goes out to you. It's a short story about an average match of League of Legends.


12) Ant Society

Yet another isekai friends. This one is about a guy who gets reincarnated as an ant. The last sentence of the blub insinuates that his goal is to use his unique skills and wit to overcome the adversities of being an ant and lead a normal, comfortable life. I have no idea how you could do that as an ant, but hopefully someone will read this story and tell us.


13) The Tournament Of Death

So this is straight up just 1v1 fights and 1v1v1 fights according to the author, with a little bit of story. I added this to the list because I watched an anime (Can't remember the name) which pretty much had no story and it was just really 1v1 fights (Err.. maybe I just described most anime lol). Not sure how that would work in a written story since writers usually have to lean on build-up, but if done right it could be cool.


14) Dragonheart Core

I'm glad I could add a dungeon core fiction to the list. Not only that, but this one has some gorgeous art (Not sure if its OC, but it certainly fits the theme). 

The blurb is well written and talks about a sea-drake (dragon) that gets his hoard stolen and ends up dying trying to get it back. It seems like a revenge story where the dragon wants to kill the pirates that stole his hoard and killed him. If you like dungeon core stuff, this seems like it could be a really good one. Personally, if I was going to give anything on this list a try, it would be this fiction (Well.. I guess I technically read that one prologue from Serverless Mage xD)

I also have to say, after reading blurb after blurb with walls of text, this one conveyed a lot of information in a concise way, which I think could mean the writing will be well done.


15) Noel Of That Very Smart Guy

This is our last story. Technically it was on page 7, but I saved it for last because it was too good not to end on. The entire blurb is a conversation between a 40 something year old surgical assistant and a 4 year old baby doctor as he operates on a person mid-flight on an airplane.


That's all folks.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little journey. As a final thought, there were a bunch of fictions I didn't mention. I tried to get a spread, and these are just the ones that caught my eye. Thoughts on these or others I missed? We truly have a little bit of everything on RR it seems :)

Re: I looked through the last 10 pages of New Releases - Here is what I found

Shomin Wrote: Awww... 
i updated yesterday but no luck to get a read from you....
anyways, thanks for the post.

To be clear, I just looked at New Releases, not recently updated. So these stories only have a few chapters posted. I'm sure you would have made the list otherwise friend.

(Updated post to be more clear)


Re: I looked through the last 10 pages of New Releases - Here is what I found

Flamebeard Wrote: This is amazing. Taking one for the team mate. 

Honestly, I'm not going to lie, I had a lot of fun reading through all the blurbs. Some were so bad, but some were shockingly good. Hopefully a few authors can get a follower or two out of this thread.

There were definitely some weird ones in there haha

Re: I looked through the last 10 pages of New Releases - Here is what I found

Wizardofozz Wrote: Okay, Act Naturally. LOL 
I had to go and read the summary and ended up reading the whole first chapter! It doesn't say its a comedy, but it has to be. There's only 3 chapters at the moment, but if it is funny I will probably continue reading.

My thoughts exactly lol.

I read that blurb, and I was like... this has to be added. There is no other alternative.