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Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Just a snippet from A Scientific ReQuest :)
Quote:Together they watched silently, mostly hidden by the crumbling stones. Something was tickling at the back of Jess’s memory, like DeJa’Vu, but she was unable to make sense of the feeling.
The adventurer jumped up to his feet, seemingly restored by his brief rest. He jabbed at the air in front of him, with certainty as though making selections from an invisible board. A sense of dread began to descend on Jess as she slowly realised why the scene felt familiar.
“Wait. This is like the game my brother plays…” Jess whispered, “Ohhh… What’s it called now?”
“Hide and seek?” ventured Nevin helpfully. He was trying his best to awkwardly crouch beside Jess without making any physical contact in the limited space.
“What?” Jess turned to him confused, “Oh. No. Erm… Never mind actually”.
I can’t really turn around and say he’s in a computer game, can I? she thought to herself, chewing her lip as the watched the Adventurer turning around on the spot before hurtling headlong into the woods.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Snippet from A Lonely Spiral. Currently going through one of those universally hated multi-chapter perspective shifts, though this is from a few chapters before that.

Chapter is here:

Quote:“You are an idiot.” The wolf said and I was about to retort when he continued. “If there is anything I would accuse you of, it would be that you seem a kind idiot. Too kind.”

Well… if that’s the final verdict for the day, I’ll just have to take it. I could live with being too kind. Actually, it might be what gets me killed. I didn’t have to rescue the wolf from his prison. No one was forcing me to share food with Harris. Carrying Pim was slowing me down a lot and I might have even been able to defend myself against the flea host if I had had a hand free for a weapon. But I did it, I’d do it again and I’d do it gladly.

I sighed, at least some of the weight lifting off my shoulders. It lasted only for a moment though, as the wolf gave me more actual, physical weight in the form of the woman’s studded club. Pim took them both and almost fell off my shoulder with the sudden imbalance of weight. George squeaked tiredly.

“I believe being kind is one of the three things that gets people killed in this age.” He said.

“What?” First time I’d heard of it. “What are the other two?”

“Well…” He turned away from the grizzly scene of dead bodies and empty husks, in a direction I’d never been before.

“Hubris. And indifference. Now.” He lowered himself down and offered a hand. “Allow me to carry the child.”

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Tales of Teleios XXVI: The Maiden

Something you might not want to read:
Spoiler :

Back in the realistic history where maidenhood was highly regarded as a virtue. Where the Vestals were granted political power and freedom beyond ordinary female. 
Where the queens and even the goddesses who vowed themselves into a life of perpetual virginity were highly regarded as pure and pious.
The virgin obsession reach its height with Mary's virginity be perceived as pure and sinless, the only desirable state to be chosen by god. 
On the extreme side of such believes, infibulation had been a practiced since the Meroite Civilization mainly on female slaves. 
But later on, it evolved into a "sign of superiority", a "desirable" mark equivalent to foot binding. 

⛔ Profanity Tag???

Quote:“This… Parthenos shit had nothing to do with strength, not even granted me a freedom as those Vestals! It only pains me further every month through my entire life. I didn’t choose to be like this! I didn’t sew myself up! The stitches down there isn’t some glorious mark! But it’s a torture reminding me that I was simply… A cheap slave that worth nothing but the only price they willing to pay is for a sewn up cunt. Athena? Artemis and those Vestals? Did they sewn themselves up? Did they? Those idiots who believe in a stupid buffoon idea that their virtue depend solely on their maidenhood!” She bursted in anger.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

One Wrote:
  The Nahua Gate swarmed with people as they approached it. Tradesmen entered the city, waiting in a queue to be checked by the Hounds. Based on the line stretching out and around the gateway, Isadora could tell the rain was still interfering with the beast-men’s duty, slowing them down.
  She could see the strange creatures now, circling around caravans, trying to detect any trace of trouble. These things knew scent better than any actual hound would. They could detect all things illicit-- whether it was good, animal, or exile. Any scent given to them would be added to an encyclopedic instinct, a knowledge of what, or who, was allowed in the city. They were covered head-to-toe in grimy mail armor and crowned by a heavy iron helmet with an elongated beak. The beak allowed scents to linger and ruminate around the Hound’s nose, assisting it with its duty. Their gauntlets had rounded spikes on them, simulating claws. These men had forgotten what it was to use a real weapon; their instincts only remembered the primitive ways.
  Harig hocked spit on the ground. “A cruel thing. They should’ve been made to serve in the army. Being twisted by sorcery like this… it’s beyond what’s right.”
  Isadora didn’t agree. These men had known the law before their change. They chose to break it. If anything, they now served a purpose. She kept her opinion to herself. “Well, Harig, the good news is that we’ll be freeing some today.”

From the first chapter of The Kill List. Some characterization building up to a conflict that plays out at the end of the chapter. If you like stories about revenge or high fantasy, give it a shot!

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

I’m here early this time, with a snippet from Episode 5, Part 2 of Outsiders of Xykesh, where we get a sneak peak of Xigbar’s true colors.

Quote:Xigbar slipped onto the roof of the church belfry, finally high enough to be clear of the worst of the fog below. He took a moment to appreciate the church architect's love of flying buttresses. It made climbing up here a lot easier. He hadn't even had to use a his grappling hook.

He hadn't, anyway.

Below, Arthur Masters grunted as he struggled up a rope to reach Xigbar's perch. The hook anchoring his rope was only a few feet from Xigbar. They were really high up, and the hook's purchase was the only thing keeping Arthur from becoming a red mess on the sidewalk.

No one would know. 

Well, a priest could always put him under a truth prayer, but Arthur was notoriously bad at everything. Who wouldn't believe that he f****d up something as basic as making sure his grappling hook was secure before he tried to climb with it? If someone else told Xigbar the story, he'd have bought it without a second thought.

One kick to the hook. 

No one would know.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠


In a future chapter of "Pestilence," we have two magic users: "Healers" who get into a scuffle. Aida "The Geneticist" fights with a katana and uses a magic quick draw technique to fight and her opponent is Violet "The Neurologist".

Healer's Garb is a special armor that Healers can equip to enhance their magic power.

It was far quicker than a quick draw. A supersonic draw seemed to be a more apt label for what Aida had just done.

She unsheathed her cursed blade and attacked at such a mind-numbing speed that it looked like she hadn’t moved an inch from her spot or changed her stance as an afterimage of her stretching her sword to the side had appeared in front of Violet. A large, deep cut crisscrossed through her snow pants and left a bloody mark on her thigh.

Aida smirked as the Neurologist hissed and squinted at the nasty gash on her thigh. That was the warning shot. Aida had realized now that if she was to put the witch out of her misery it had to be in a way she would be proud of otherwise, she would be no better than her.

“Cool party trick,” Violet said and then healed her wound.

Keeping her quick draw stance, Aida growled loudly and then raised one hand, holding her index and middle finger up, summoning her Healer’s Garb, “Sukunabikona!”

A corolla of black flower petals showered onto Aida and formed her Healer’s Garb—it was a short black kimono detailed with white kanji and beautiful colorful ukiyo-e art. It depicted the light red faces of various Japanese demons—onis—with blue sashes, flames and clouds flowing across. The medical cross stood on the right side of the back of the Garb.

Her mouth was covered with a red oni mask with daunting long white teeth.

Aida strengthened her stance, applying more pressure on to her legs as she squatted down a little more and pulled her sheathed katana further back. A smokey, burnt orange animus laced with black swirled around her as her angry, orange eyes were glowing.

She did it again.

The move that didn’t allow her opponent to see her shift from her spot just an afterimage in the air like it was a whole separate entity. From the afterimage shot out a large slash of orange energy. Like a projectile, it carried the sharpness of the blade and went on to cut multiple heads of the forest of trees behind Violet.

Another waning shot.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

In the upcoming chapter this Monday, our ML, Noah, realizes in a nasty way that his cute little daughter is not as innocent as he thought she was.

Quote:“It looks like the backlash after attempting to resist a mind-control hex.” Before the guard could answer, Kash-baba jumped from her seat and trotted over, her previous fatigue nowhere to be seen. She grabbed the wrist of the weakened Shadow and blew a puff of smoke from her pipe right in his face. “Mist for mist. None shall stay. Broken hex, go away.”

The Shadow started coughing and his cheeks regained some pink.

“T-thank you, kush-turgan! I am sorry, my lord. I failed you. I was hexed so easily without even noticing…”

“I want no excuses now.” Noah stood up and approached the man, grabbing his shoulders. “Where is Shana? Is she with the one who hexed you? Is she in danger?”

“The little lady is in Star-gazer Garden, my lord, together with Elder Tikotse, Lady Karusa, and Rasha. She was well and unharmed when I left her.”

“And the hex?”


The man hesitated but was saved again by the old Binshi.

“The thing clouding his mind was powerful but sloppy. It was generous calling it a hex. Most likely, our little Star-gazer is awakening to her powers and twisting people’s minds without even realizing it.”

“Shana? Why would she…?”

“If your parent catches you doing mischief, would you be obediently coming for punishment? The little chichik is stubborn... just like her fathers.”

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Here is a snipped from Chapter 6. It's really hard to pick one XD

Quote:The young investigator pushed himself off the wall and reached for the doorknob to close the door while his hands trembled, which didn’t escape Sigal’s attentive gaze. Thus, he put one hand on the door to keep it open and walked straight in. Without saying a word, he put one arm around Cal’s back, the other beneath his knees, and lifted him up.

“W…what are you doing? Put me down! It’s just the medication that makes me slightly dizzy and drowsy. Hey!” Cal protested while he pressed his hands against his partner’s chest and tried to wriggle out of his grip. “Let me go!!”

As Sigal held this slender, yet fragile body in his arms with the strength it exerted barely perceptible, he frowned. “Just shut up.”

“Why do you even care?” Cal stopped resisting and let his hands drop down in exhaustion.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Quote:“I’m not gonna take hatchling raising advice from a dead queen with a fascination for overgrown mind assaulting lizards.”

“If you were even remotely interested in dragons, you would’ve been infatuated by Void too.” Arastra’s tail flicked aimlessly, unaware that Void was technically in the room. “Think about it, his firm muscles pinning you to the floor and massive-” “Stop that, this is not about me. Keep my musings out of this. Focus, Dalian.” Real-but-not-less-dead-Arastra intervened. Her image stopped, grew fuzzy as they fought for control. The memory skipped forward.
Since I am getting into real spoiler therritory, have Arastra swooning over her favorite big bad overlord.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

I don’t think I need much context for this. Basically Mirai and her friend Miura have met up, and Miura’s given the good news of returning to their school club! 

This is my new Magical Girl story which will get updated weekly.

Quote:“No way…” Mirai gasped. Her jaw was dropped to the floor. “Are you for real?!” 
“Nope, I’m joining the gardening club!” her friend Miura excitedly exclaimed. The two were standing in the hallway just at the doorway of math class. Instead of walking with Prius to class today, Mirai chose to walk with Miura. It’s been ages since they got the chance to do so, and both jumped right on it! 
“OH MY GOOOOOOOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE IIIIIT!!!!” Mirai shouted, then wrapped her arms over her friend. “Your rose bush has been just WAITING to see you again. Maybe you can make it rise from the dead, like Frankenstein or something”
“I… had a rose bush?” Miura curiously asked. Her nose scrunched up from the sudden hug, and a sense of unfamiliarity in her voice. “I haven’t even been there before-”
Mirai’s gleeful eyes then drooped down with disappointment. Yeah, she almost forgot that her friend didn’t remember anything from the past semester. “It’s… a long story”

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

A little something from chapter 9 of my novel series. The group had just been approached by a woman trying to sell her daughter to them as a slave.
Profanity warning

“Ah, no thanks,” Elwin said to the woman and stepped pass her completely embarrassed by the experience.
Emerson saw Anna's expression and thought she looked like she wanted to buy the girl, if for no other reason than to get her away from this horrible woman who calls herself mother.
The group began to move on, but the wretched woman was not going to let it go that easily.
“Fuck you all then! Maybe you prefer young boys instead! Oh, I see now. You’ve got your own whore already!” The woman yelled and then laughed when Anna turned to glower at her.
Anna’s face went scarlet. “How dare you, you miserable woman!”
The woman cackled some more. “That’s right children! If you forks are looking for trouble you came to the right place! We don’t praise the emperor in these parts!”
Emerson had not realised at the time, but the cloak he wore was given to him by his older brother. The clasp that held it firmly around his neck bore the seal of the emperor, to which the woman had been referring.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Heyo! This week's snippet from IaMDM involves a rather intense explanation.

Quote:“Why not just kill them?” Others weren’t as easily convinced, however.
They quickly came to regret vocalising their query, as Felix turned his vision onto them.
They flinched. It was like going from the darkness of a cave to the full force of the sun overhead at noon on a cloudless day, squinting at the sheer force of his gaze.
“You are facing any number of internal magic practitioners. You don’t know what they are capable of. You don’t know if any have enhanced hearing if there is a scuffle, or enhanced smell if any blood is spilled. Do you try to fight and assassinate the guards, knowing that it will take time and guards might find you while you’re occupied with another? Or do you incapacitate the guards as fast as possible and focus on your objective, whatever that may be?”
Felix let the question hang for a moment, a guillotine blade over their head, before turning his attention back to Theo. Felix dropped his interest in the answer to his question like a stray crumb at lunch, disdain radiating out in every direction except Theo’s. The unfortunate subject of Felix’s ire almost crumpled in relief from the lack of attention, even as everyone around them tensed. Theo wondered how they managed to survive the College of War…and if Felix had a history teaching there.
“We don’t know how much time we have. Go.” Felix turned around one last time, attention directed at the priests in a much less aggressive manner.
Theo nodded at his back, and looked over everyone who had followed him here. They were still listening, by the looks of it. Somehow.
“We’re going to go and find whoever did this. We’ll find out who they’re working for. And we’ll do it without anyone else being attacked.”
[Hope you're doing ok EB!]

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

Chapter 4 of New Kid on the Ship just dropped. It's one of the heavier chapters for sure. It's also pretty description-heavy, so I'm only gonna post one paragraph break's worth of text. 
Quote:His grandfather also spent a few hours in the hospital the morning he ran away. As relieved as it made Angelo to hear his grandfather was still alive–he could cross ‘potential murder suspect’ off of his list of problems–the old man blamed him for putting him there in the first place. That wasn’t entirely untrue since Angelo called the ambulance, but that’s not how his mom described it.

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

From Infernal Academia, Chapter 67 - Pharmine's Folly: Part 5

Quote:Doctor Elliott stood in the door of the hospital room, staring hard at the clipboard in his hands. He pouted, then frowned, made a few questioning "hm" sounds, then glanced over at the bed. In response, Cobalt nervously cleared his throat and pulled the bedcovers tighter over his legs.
The pair stared at each other for a while before the Incubus finally deigned to speak.
"So... Can I be discharged yet?" he asked, cocking his head.
His doctor took a deep breath.
"I can't say I have much experience with Incubi, so I was willing to suspend my disbelief when it came to treating you. But for all intents and purposes, Mr. Trayer, you really shouldn't be alive right now," he said in a tone that sounded both surprised and exasperated.
"Come again?"
"The back of your head was split open. Your knuckles were badly fractured. And yet, before we could get you into surgery, you had already begun to heal."
The Incubus raised an eyebrow.
"Th- That can't be. Surely I wasn't hurt that badly, right?"
"The paramedics saw your skull peeking through your hair, Cobalt. And the firefighters witnessed you break through toughened ice with naught but your fists. This entire state of affairs is... highly unusual, to say the least."

Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

This one's from The Stormcrow Cycle. Ultra-late update that I'm working on. Background? We're in an interlude right now, and there's stuff burning down, haha. The POV character is not an MC, and he's just run to get the surgeon for an injured friend when all of this is going down. Imagine his surprise when he gets back and...

Quote:Impossible. That was impossible.

The Faravahar compound was on fire.

Kershi had run all the way to the bone-sawer’s, but the man hadn’t been in; he’d been called somewhere else. So then he’d run another block to the next one, and that one Kershi had found in bed, grumbling. Still, the fistful of obols shining in Kershi’s hand had been too tempting to pass up; the man roused himself, eyeing the boy with suspicion the whole while.

Kershi could hardly believe the man had been sleeping. It was past noon. It was nearly dinner time.

How could he have been in bed?

Oh well. At least the man’s assistant looked awake. That was good, right?

And he chose the worst possible surgeon to recruit, too! I wonder if he'll keep his end of the bargain?