Trading Reviews

Good evening folks.

After finishing my last story and starting work on a new one, I'm hoping to work on some of the weaknesses that were pointed out in reviews and comments (despite them being greatly different genres!).

In light of this, I'd be greatly appreciative if anyone would be interested in trading reviews for A Scientific ReQuest. Especially since I posted 5 chapters throughout the day and I've already been given a 0.5 star rating.  

I know it's not Shakespeare, but I'd really like to know that it's not that bad. Miraculously, the 0.5 rating has disappeared!  DrakanWine

Post below if you're interested. I'm not a big fan of reading number boxes but I'll give most other things a go.

My current To-Do list:

Beverlyy – System Overload - Feedback and review completed!
Evil_Warlord – The Reincarnation of the Transcendental
Alt41 – 3 Bodies 1 Soul
Beast_regards – The Mook Maker
DukeFluffingtons - The Plagued Rat

Re: Trading Reviews

Hi. I am interested in a review swap if you wish. My story is called "The Reincarnation of the Transcendental" is in my signature. I will read your new story tomorrow. And as for the 0.5 rating you can open a support ticket and see if the moderators can check it out. I've seen many complain about trolls leaving such a low rating on the first chapter without reading too much. And after opening support tickets, the moderators have helped them with that. Although I must say that those kind of ratings unfortunately happen often.