RANK // what determines a story's ranking on RR?

To be fair, I've only been here for a few weeks, but I can't seem to figure out what it is exactly that determines a story's ranking. 

It seems like every time I get a review, it makes a radical difference, but other than that I haven't noticed much change, other than a slow creep back downward in between ratings. So, what determines a story's number amongst the rest? I don't really need to know, as this won't affect anything to do with my posting schedule or interaction with readers, but I am really interested. Is it...



Page count?


Star ratings?



All of the above?

Maybe this is common knowledge, and you're shaking your head at my ignorance; if so, please enlighten me!

~ Saf

Re: RANK // what determines a story's ranking on RR?

Depends on the list. 

Best rated (the number at the top left of your author dashboard) is heavily dependant on rating and number of ratings (a 4.8 star with a 20 ratings may be higher than a 4 star with 100 ratings, though 300 ratings with 4.1 stars is likely higher than 4.7 with 30 ratings), with a small contribution of popularity to spice things up as beverly said. This means that there may be a point where receiving a low rating actually increases your ranking (I find this thought amusing, though how low can you go and still go up depends on the details).

The rising stars list is different. It doesn't care all that much for what your rating is, and more about how many ratings you've received 'recently' (There have been fictions with under 2.5 stars in the top 10 before). I am half convinced that list is sorted based on the average derivative of the last weeks follower/favorite/view count. Those usually increase concurrently so I don't really know which it is. 

Trending is black magic. I have no clue how they are sorting that list. 

These are just guesses, since we don't actually know the actual formula.

Most importantly, RR is capable of ranking stories by arbitrary search criteria. That means that there is some list out there were your fiction is number 1! 


Re: RANK // what determines a story's ranking on RR?

Flamebeard Wrote: Most importantly, RR is capable of ranking stories by arbitrary search criteria.

Seriously appreciate the additional thoughts on this; I find it all incredibly baffling, but at least now I'm aware of some educated guesses from those who have been around on this platform far longer than I have. The low rating increasing rank in certain situations is actually kind of neat... If I ever manage to unlock the source of Trending's power, I'll report back here.

Thank you, Flamebeard!

~ Saf

Re: RANK // what determines a story's ranking on RR?

I have a support ticket asking the same thing, so here's the content:


OVDC on April 25th, 2022, 08:47 PM

My ratings aren't going up with my views. I'm around 16000 in rating and I got a couple hundred readers today, but my rating hardly went up. When I get 0.5 star reviews, my rating goes down a couple thousand. When I get a couple hundred views or a 5 star rating/review, it hardly goes up at all.

S.Mod Moderator John on April 26th, 2022, 08:44 AM
Hello OVDC,
Sadly, this is just how means work. If most of your ratings are 5 stars, a single 0.5 star will affect the mean much more than any other rating, and as such, any following 5 star would have a much lower effect due to the 0.5 star's existence.
The same would be true if you have mostly 0.5s then get a sudden 5 star.
Moderator John,
Royal Road team

OVDC on April 26th, 2022, 10:56 AM

What about how it is not going up when I get a lot of views? My views increased by 2/15 yesterday and my position didn't go up much. I think it only went up by ten or so.

S.Mod Moderator John on April 27th, 2022, 08:26 AM
I will note that in general, 100 or so views is not a huge amount in relation to ratings received when you consider many of those views likely come from accountless readers. There are fictions with almost 10,000,000 views but only a little over a thousand ratings. I wouldn't think about it too much.
Moderator John,
Royal Road team"

Re: RANK // what determines a story's ranking on RR?

TheRedNaz535 Wrote: I'd like to think the ratings are based on the daily whims of the RR gods.


I'll admit I'm still incredibly confused by the Lists themselves, especially after looking at which stories have risen to the top, but I AM starting to get a sense of what stats are influential in making a story's ranking ascend (or descend)...

OVDC Wrote: I have a support ticket asking the same thing, so here's the content
Thank you for sharing! I appreciate being able to see the correspondence; definitely nice to be aware of that in advance of the inevitable 0.5 star reviews and ratings.