Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

Least favorite:
1, OP MC
- the MC - while having absolutely no clue, how the world works - finds THAT one overpowered cheat the Locals overlooked for untold millennia
- the MC gets a one-off übercheat
- the MC is the only one in the whole world who finds out how to reach überlevels fast and easy

2, The MC brings modern moral and solution to the fantasy world
- moder thinking, do this, don't do that, think this was, don't think that way. And nobody laughs in his face or makes a community barbecue party, where the MC is the main attraction
- modern tech, and no one impounds him to do (government) sanctioned research on stuff. Or keeps him seperated from the Locals

3, MC is the chosen one for one reason or another

4, LitRPG is constantly misunderstood as a GameLit, Skills are there only to make the MC OP (see point 1)

5, No one ever realises, the MC is not a local (despite him obviously knowing nothing about the world, having OP powers, etc) and no one tries to enslave, take advantage or experiment on him

1, well done Systems, not geared to make it easy for the MC
2, PROGRESSION. That is not geared towards making the MC OP
3, the locals realise, he is an outsider and do enslave, take advantage or experiment (without the MC getting OP while doing this)

It looks like, if I have more not-favorites as favorites, but I still love well-done LitRPG/Gamelit/Wuxia/Xianxia.

Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

Least favorite- epic, multi chapter long battle sequences. I get the monster is some sort of elite but reading an insanely long play by play of the battle is tedious. Things like 'He took half a step back and shifted right, the orc bloodchampions axe skidding past him by inches giving him an opening. He lunged forward and scored a cut below the beasts right arm. It was only a few inches and not deep but he had drawn the first blood.' 
That's fine. Give me details but when it's a battle with 500 strikes on one side and every one of them has a in depth description and a blue box describing the damage? It kills it.

Worse is when somewhere in that wall of text is some important information that you miss because you skipped or skimmed. Authors need to put that crap in bold or something.

Most favorite- Either
The non Litrpg parts of the story, when the MC has to do something that doesn't involve using their specific talents. It humanizes them and breaks the trope they're all powerful gods of the multiverse or whatever. Not them losing their powers like a wizard in a no magic zone but things like a wizard realizing he can't just throw a fireball at everything and is forced to realistically improvise, adapt, and overcome


General character growth that can't be shown in blue boxes. Ultimate baddass MC gets 6 more stamina points... okay??? Ultimate badass MC helps an old woman he just saved make lunch, realizes he's actually a pretty damn good cook... hell yeah, why not!

I guess both are just ways authors make their OP characters a little less OP or more relatable.

Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

Least favorite:
- Basic Elemental Magic: It's not bad, it's just been done so many times and in the least creative ways possible
- Number systems: If I wanted to see numbers. I would have just played a game and for the most part these numbers don't mean much unless they gameify the whole system.
- Villain getting a boost only to get curb stomped by the hero: It's been done over, and over, and over again. Sometimes I wanna root for the bad guy!

Most favorite:
- Creator made languages: I feel, that even if it's just a reskin of english, a fake language adds a level of thought that I really appreciate.
- Nods to Physics: Adds a bit of realism that makes the world so much more immersive.