What is this Mumbo Jumbo?

“Well, what do we have here? What glorious new fledgling is this?” the suffocating arrogance of his haughty diction irritated…everyone.

“He wouldn’t be here were he not an…aspiring artist of some sort,” his partner supportively suggests from the smokey shadows of the balcony.

“Go on then!  Out with it,” the first commands impatiently.

Deep breath. I stride confidently from behind the heavy velvet curtain and take my position at center stage. Looking about, I take in the immense dark room with innumerable obscured observers. The stage is black, ringed by lights. Only the deep blush of the curtains betray the scene to have color. I actively suppress my racing heart.

“Your exposition is exhausting, fool! Get on with it!” jeers the first. The murmur of the crowd draws down to silence.

Taking a moment to center myself, cracking my knuckles and splaying my hands out widely at my sides.

— I start with a bow —-

“Fool?” I ask, gesturing broadly to the unseen audience, ending at the balcony with a wink. “By which homonym do you entreat? The rube, the nitwit, the jerk, the stooge, the clown or dimwit or dope?”

A palpable pique of interest could clearly be perceived.

“Or did you mean to accuse? To surmise that I am here to juke, jive, spoof, hoodwink, bamboozle or dupe?”

“I’m not here to quibble, nor to bore you with drivel, or babble or gibberish or jabber. I would settle for PoppyCock, perhaps even Balderdash, but the naming system (they were taken) has left me stranded.”

“Required to choose something unique, and not so oblique, I’ve determined to put on a show.
Not betraying a promise of sense, I pay recompense and introduce myself humbly as, Mumbo Jumbo.”

— I finish with a bow —

I've started my first fiction! 
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Re: What is this Mumbo Jumbo?

Welcome. I suggest getting your fiction link into your signature for a bit of free advertising as you post about the forums (see the beginner's guide in my sig if you want some instructions). I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.
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Re: What is this Mumbo Jumbo?

Welcome to Royal Road. A very unique and fun introduction. The best way to get to know the place is to be active in the Forums. Ask questions, check out some of the helpful guides, and take part in some of the fun discussions. Based on your introduction I think you'll fit right in. Hope you enjoy being here and that many people read your story. Good luck.