Trying this for the first time!

Hello! I’m Allen! Nice to meet you all! I guess it is about time I try and write a story online, so here I am! To be honest the story here is more just a side project as I mainly just come up with ideas and flesh them out. I never really write so this is my first real time publishing anything for the public to read. I doubt any of you are interested in reading mine, but if you ever come across it! If anyone has any comments on how to improve my writing please let me know! I am always looking to improve :)! Anyways, I hope you all have a nice day! 

Side notes! I love alternate history, war, and horror! If anyone has any stories that fit those I’d love to read them!

Re: Trying this for the first time!

Welcome to Royal Road and to writing. Authors are usually their own worst critics so don't sell yourself short. It's not an easy step putting your work out there so well done. To help more people find your work add a link to it in your signature. Cinn's beginner's guide (see her signature) explains how to do that. Then be active in the Forums so people have an opportunity to check out your work. I hope you enjoy your writing journey and that many people read your work. Good luck.