Hi, good day and nice to meet you

Hi, I am Sogni Nei Bicchieri. My pseudonym is Italian and it means “Dreams in the glasses”, so you get the gist:-)

I am starting my first novel “In Search of Marco Polo”, a self-challenge derived from my Chinese origin and my 15-year staying in Europe, mostly in Italy. 

Two of my favourite novelists are Dan Brown and Kate Mosse. I love their attention to the historical details in the thrills, romances, and treasure-hunting. Obviously, their books are fictions. So, we should be a bit relaxed about the accuracy. 
Similarly, the protagonists in my books are real figures in the history and most of them are documented in the Cambridge History of China (…or have their own wikipedia page:). However, I will take the liberty to imagine and invent their lives and stories besides the official records of historiographers. 
I am actively looking for sponsors by locking some of the posts as paid posts, not for the alternative income but for financing the future collaborations with other creators for the webtoon adaption. 

If you like the story, please contribute to https://paypal.me/sognineibicchieri or https://www.patreon.com/sognineibicchieri.

PS: I couldn't find where to add the "DONATE" section on the right of my novel. Any hint how to do that will be very appreciated!