Critique Trades for Mystery/Crime!


I'm new here on Royal Road.  I'm an active writer on Wattpad, but wanted to venture out to other sites :)  I'm always looking to improve my story, and feedback from other passionate readers is the best way to do so!
  • My critiques will focus on character development and plot and vary between 3+ lines. 
  • I won't be leaving cheap, generic comments. 
  • My only request is to do the same on my story COLD CREEK
  • I'll continue on your story for as long as you continue on mine.
  • My return speed will be between 1-3 days, longer if I get a lot of submissions.
I'm accepting Mystery/Crime stories at the moment.  My story is MATURE (sexual situations, language, dark elements).

I look forward to reading your stories, drop your link and I'll begin this week!!

Re: Critique Trades for Mystery/Crime!

beast_regards Wrote:
ekshortstories Wrote: Awww I appreciate that! Would love to do the same in kind, which story would you like me to comment on?
I understand that you don't read fantasy. 
The Last Job is a crime/mystery story. It is also fantasy through and through 
The other two are even more pass your mark

I’ll read The Last Job! This weekend is a little busier than normal and I want to give a substantial reviews, so apologies for any delays in my end :)