Re: Good Royalroad stories

avicci Wrote: Can you guys recommend some royalroad stories, you enjoyed reading?

No comedy, Preferably male, no slice of life. I want a story that takes itself seriously. No clinches. No books with dorky kind of feel

Already read-

Mother of learning

Beware of the chicken

It really depends on your preference of genre. Do you prefer Mother of Learning and Beware of Chicken?
Are you looking for something similar to the two titles above?
I believe that you are looking for real person recommendations. 
If that's the case, I'm reading:

The Primal Hunter
This title had become a stub since the author published on Kindle
Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Progression Ruling Class Strong Lead Supernatural

If you are looking for something niche and really indie amateur good stories, I am reading:

Action Fantasy Mystery Magic Male Lead Mythos Urban Fantasy

Harbinger: Infinity
Mecha Action Drama Sci-fi Female Lead Progression Soft Sci-fi Strategy Technologically Engineered

Probably I'm not a right person to recommend male lead stories, since my major preference is the opposite... lol
Wish you best of luck finding the story you love on RR.

Re: Good Royalroad stories


It's a completed work, about 37,000 words.  Chapters alternate between male MC first-person POV and female MC first-person POV.  It's very well-written and, IMO, probably could have been published professionally if the author had chosen to go that route.  The story requires the reader to pay attention and make inferences, which, to me, is a good thing. 

Check out the fiction page and the first couple of chapters and you should be able to decide based on that. 

For LitRPG I've enjoyed It is on hiatus now while the author finishes college and I'm sure job and housing hunting.  But, there are 38 good chapters if you want to get started.