Tales of Teleios [Marketing Thread]

Yup, I know why is this section such unpopular.
It is like a box where you left it outside of your door, and placed a note to tell those who distributes flier to place the marketing brochure in it. So that people will not get their mail box spammed full of marketing brochures. Most of the time, those fliers in that box will get thrown away without getting them read. So This is that little marketing box. I wonder how many readers came in here to see what's in it.

So here I place my marketing materials.



🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ Content Tag
🙇 ESL Author
📖 Alternate historical Low Fantasy
⛔ Not a litRPG, not a GameLit
Action, Adventure, Romance, Female Lead, Strong Lead

The story set in the ancient Greco-Roman. 
But you won't read about the Greco-Roman history or deities the way you normally do. It attempt to reflect the world in a different perspective. Exploring the topic of human reproduction and gender through the stories inspired by the modern day events. 

Teleios means perfection, and the center of this story is about the journey of four very flawed characters:

Arete was a skinny noble woman who was born premature and had amenorrhea. She was supposed to be drowned by the order of Emperor Claudius due to her imperfection.

While Matea was born a perfect healthy person, but has had everything taken away from her.

Agave who was born out of wedlock but was fortunate enough to be adopted into a noble family.

And Pryne who was on her way to have a loving family but drifted instead throughout the world after making a decision that she deeply regretted and needed to overcome her sense of guilt along the way.

Each of them representing the duality and the spectrum of characters. A form of artistic expression where the author attempt to create. 

The author will post about some marketing materials regarding this story in this thread. For those who read this post, your time is very much appreciated. Thank you! 

Re: Tales of Teleios [Marketing Thread]

Yay? So my premium subscription ended and finally able to see user ads without logout.
The issue with RR user ads that I've seen so far is those that relocate clicks to Audible!
Due to Audible having territorial link, it actually redirected me to their main website that had nothing to do with the author's work.
I wish to report this to the author who made the ads, but the ads never appeared the 2nd time, so i forgot the title, since they never put title in the ads.
The author must had taken it down knowing the problem.

Okay, now back to my own plan on my marketing material.


I wanted to insert a simple gif but still working on the design of it.
One-man-show on part time is really difficult. So it's not perfect, I wasn't a pro either.
Well, the campaign will start sometime in the future, and I plan to have multiple pause and run to lengthen the duration to reach out until the edits complete.
Although RR readers might not be my major target audience, it worth experimenting.... i hope... LOL