Reciprocal Beta Reader?

Hey, I was wandering if someone is up to exchanging reviews on different stuff? Not necessarily from the same piece. I'm not a native speaker fyi, and don't particularly mind if you are one or not.

As a writer, I've a couple of lengthy unfinished stuff over here (the first one was my first try and I gave up because I couldn't get into the magic part as a writer - shouldn't have even started before deciding it; the last one was very genre-mashing but I like it a lot better despite the "bold" (too sure of itself) 1rst-person/present-tense narration). You can check that out if you want, or can take my word that I'm a decent writer of fantasy mostly, sometimes sci-fi.

I'm a pretty quick reader, and with a lot of time on my hands rn (unfortunately). I like most of what seems to be popular around here (Litrpgs, Isekais), Fantasy and Sci-fi. But I admit I'm a bit tired of looking over too many beginners' pieces, so I'd appreciate someone already a little more skilled (if someone is unsure, feel free to PM me with your stuff and I'll say if I'm up to it). I've read a looot over the 10+ years and seen many different styles. I might not like your style, but I'll appreciate it if it's well-done.

Discord is usually my choice communication-wise.

Let me know if you're up to it. Right now I'm writing some stuff to flesh out the universe of a RPG I'm GM'ing.

Re: Reciprocal Beta Reader?

hi! i've been lurking around this site for a while and have decided to make an account to also post my up and coming new novel. I have been reading for the past 5 years so i've been through a lot of good and bad novels. I am willing to exchange reviews/ comments with you if you'd look over my work too. I've currently written just 5 edited chapters and 5 unedited more (2000+ words each) and unfortunately have no friends who like to read or have the time to do so. i would hire a beta reader and editer but am broke lol. If your novel is not too big then i will gladly read it and give you my comments on it. Feel free to nessage me if you want more details, have a good day.