This has probably been asked a lot, but... What exactly IS LitRPG?

So! I've just started posting my story 3 days ago. It's an isekai but I still in it's early stages, meaning he is still on earth. I want to take the time to flesh out the MC's character and backstory, before shoving him into another world. He's gonna have a bunch of powers when he gets there and I want some kind of reason why he gets those powers in particular.

I've already thought of how the story is gonna play out, and don't intend to change anything. But I am very confused if my story is going to be a LitRPG or not.

There's an explanation in the little question mark next to the tag, but I still can't decide. That's why I haven't included it yet.

Is something like "Solo-Leveling", where only the MC has a status screen, a LitRPG?

Is something like "Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation" a LitRPG? It doesn't have numerical levels, but they have those power level classifications, right?
(beginner - intermediate - advanced - saint - king - emperor - god)

Where is the line in the sand drawn? At what point is something a LitRPG, and at what point does it stop being one? If anyone has the time please enlighten this humble one.
Please give me a comprehensive explanation about LitRPGs, as if you were talking to someone who knows nothing about the genre.

I could have googled it, but I really felt like the denizens of RR could do it way better.

Thank you in advanced!

Re: This has probably been asked a lot, but... What exactly IS LitRPG?

Litrature Role Playing Game. That is what LitRPG stands for, but it isn't a book RPG. It is simlar to a gamelit but it usually has visual stats, such as a system, which is popular amongst the really popular stubs like DotF and HWFWM. It is usually simlar to video games.  Usually a LitRPG will have levels or ranks unless it is WB, which I don't think you should do on RR. WB isn't very popular on RR, so cultivaton, the other drove of LitRPG, is good on RR. 

Re: This has probably been asked a lot, but... What exactly IS LitRPG?

Forget about Gamelit, you are only going to get confused. here in RR, the only thing that matter is litrpg. 

If your magic system has numbers, then it is Litrpg.  If your MC is noticing "blue screen," then it is litrpg. It doesn't matter if your MC is the only one that has it or the rest of the population of Earth or the isekai world. So here in RR, both  Mushoku Tensei and Solo leveling are Litrpg.

So more than likely, your story is litrpg. 

Look, more than likely, people will nitpick the very details of the subgenres. That is how Gamelit is born. But here in RR, if it feels like litrpg, then it is litrpg.