What's your favorite thing about your story?

It can be from anything you've written or are writing currently.

Can be from the world you've crafted, the characters you've perfected and so on.

For me, in my totally original never done before isekai I have to say I just like the world that I've produced and the way that I've gone about showcasing it from the protagonist's eyes, there's still a lot that I haven't revealed from your big bad countries to secret societies and so on, but I will soon enough once I get my lovely free time back from this so called hell referred to as Life.

So, what's your favorite thing?

Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

If I have to pick... it's the fact that I somehow, someway, didn't write it overly serious, dark, edgy, and idea-centric.

I think that because of ASoIaF and a couple of other character-centric and first person books that I've read, but other than how I write the more inner thoughts of my characters with a bold or just how I write my dialogues. I like that my story is wholly on the characters and hits the right middle spot of being dry and sweet, crude and refined, cynical and optimistic, and much more.

Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

I like the characters I've come up with, and the evolution they've undergone over the years.

They've gone from flat, basic stereotypes that I threw into a love pentangle for a laugh when I was fifteen, to actual characters with hopes, dreams and fears.  The story isn't even all that romcomish anymore; more of a casual adventure with a cast of - I hope - interesting and strange people.

Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

Well, this is a hard one. However if I had to choose, it has to be the concept of a  Gadgetsmithing profession in my story's world. I've always loved the idea of a superhero that uses gadgets to fight, but I didnt want my MC to be a machine genius. So I created a profession where a person has to work for  and a gain a degree, solely focusing on creating and giving unconventional weaponry to superheroes so that they can fight off supervillains. It's a pretty fun concept that not only helped me flesh out the world of my story, gives me an excuse to create wacky but fun gadgets, and also helped me justify my MC's background.

Re: What's your favorite thing about your story?

My favorite thing is creating a dynamic and progressing world. Ever notice how some many fantasy world seem to be static? They don't evolve or grow over time. It's like you get introduced to this world that has just always been there and hasn't changed in hundreds or thousands of years. There aren't any new inventions that change how people view their world and nothing really progresses.
Right from the beginning of my novel I make it clear that the world of Gaia is changing. New inventions are ushering in new ways of viewing the world. Weapons have changed and the way people think about the society is changing.
I have actually been writing a novel based in the same world I created for The Verant Chronicles which takes place 250 years later. The world has out grown the medieval era  and has evolved into an industrialized steampunk world and continues to change in that direction. Who's to say that it doesn't continue to evolve into a retro-futurist world? I think a series of books that spanned hundreds or even thousands of years of evolution in that world would be a great series.