Helping pick a Cover (4 Options)

Hello friends!

There was recently a post here about helping pick a cover, and I really enjoyed reading through the comments. I figured I would do something similar with the cover I'm working on right now (Though my options aren't quite as unique as the ones in that other post). Anyway, here they are:





I will say, the story starts out in a snowy area. But to be honest, I don't even know if what I have looks like snow haha.


Re: Helping pick a Cover (4 Options)

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Seems like most people liked the less fancy font, giving it another pass I tried to make the title larger, and pop more like you guys suggested (I feel like one of those eye doctors... better or worse? lol) Here are four new options (You can click to make it larger, but I think seeing it as a thumbnail is a good way to judge):





I also think preferences may vary depending on if you are in RR dark mode or light mode...?