So here I have Grammarly saying my English is looking good, very clear, and very engaging despite not being a non-native English speaker (I am but a sparkling pink unicorn). Still, it's just some machine speaking, and I have those confidence issues crippling me.

So I'm looking for beta-readers for my early draft. So for teasing without revealing too much:

The MC is a K9 Handler, and the trope is currently the number one favorite on RoyalRoad by a long shot. Put the latter with the former, and you already have the title!

For beta-readers, I'm searching for specifics demographics to call me on my bullshit, but I only expect one candidate to fill up one profile:

-One grammar fascist Native American who is not opposed to using the standard units of measurement outside of dialogs and who is very understanding and patient about my poor English.

-Someone who is working with dogs every day.

-Someone living in Montana to call me on my bullshit if my research had not been good enough.

-Some hardcore nerd who enjoys reading tabletop and videogame rulebooks for fun or reading litrpg and pointing out inconsistencies.

Beta-readers will get:
-to read before anyone else (no kidding!)
-to get mentioned in credits forever
-to get their Royal Road novel advertised in Author's notes.
-to get an offer of extended friendship
-And my eternal gratitude!

I usually use discord and google docs for collaborative work, though other tools might be on the table. 

Re: Beta-reading

I'd be willing to help (At the very least for a few chapters/first impressions)! Just shoot me a PM. I can't say I work with dogs, but I check the other boxes for the most part. Well, I live in TN, which is a number of states away from Montana...

Oh, this is also a great chance for me to promote another small author's work. I gave some constructive feedback in comments on Saf's story called Song of Ember here, if you want to see what my feedback is like. It's also a fun story if you want to give it a read.