Re: Hello, new author here. I'm actually looking for some things to review! maybe yours!? Free reviewer at you(...)

Zagern Wrote: Yeah so it's as the provocative title suggests, I want some stories to review. Not looking for anything in return. I find I learn a lot from reading and it helps my own writing, so I'm basically asking for anyone to provide a case study. Also, I need new books. Seriously. it's a bit of a problem. I have no plans to review a book that I haven't read a minimum of ten chapters(This varies though depending on chapter size, I'm just taking the 2k-3k words as standard.), so I'm not just gonna write your series off if I didn't like the first chapter. Personally I believe after ten chapters if you've failed to present something entertaining, you got a problem that needs to be solved.

What I'm really saying is, that you have a free reviewer here, locked and loaded. First come first serve so you better get it done quick. I warn you my abilities as a reviewer are not the most expansive but I'm generally on the kinder side and temper my expectations. 


Bold move. Give mine a shot. I'm a veteran writer working to resurrect the sword and sorcery adventures from a bygone era, and to recapture the heroes of my childhood. My stories are set in a bronze age world sliding towards decay. They track the travels and adventures of a hero searching for his purpose. If you like Hellboy, Conan, Herculese, or the heroes of old, they might spark a fire in your heart. They're alinear, too, meaning you can pick any story arc and dive in right there. Just like old school adventure stories, pick a title that sounds neat, and there you are.

They do add up to a composite whole, however. I'm going somewhere with them, and they're structured this way for a reason. But it won't be clear until the final pieces are in place.

Good luck! Give me your unvarnished opinion and you'll have my gratitude.

Stay fierce!