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wiserthanthou Wrote: The first one is the best by far, I've already come across your story and clicked it cause of that awesome looking crystal! The colors and everything just pop so well. It may not hint at the action, but it is very eye catching. Hint at the action in the summary (which I think you already did from what I remember) and you'll reel everyone in :D
I sent rep for input, but I also wanted to thank you personally, since you've seen the story before. '^.^ Thank you so much! At the very least, what I don't use for the cover I'll be using for poster art for patrons and such. :D I like the impact and colors of the first one too. ;D

Re: Help Me Choose a Cover! (3 options)

Okay, based on some of the feedback, it seems we like the character draw-in of #2, but the color impact of #1. (Not to totally discount #3, which looked more pro but didn't convey as much info, in genre, or story, or style).

I was going to leave it on #2, but when I was scrolling through "recently updated" earlier today I scrolled RIGHT PAST my own book in the thumbnails!!!

Red. Frigging. Flag. lol.

So I took another run at it and brought in the colors that stood out on #1 and put it behind the character :D

Re: Help Me Choose a Cover! (3 options)

Cynical Wrote: #2 Is beautiful, but personally, I like the clean simplicity of #1 more. The second version of #2 is better, but one thing that bothers me is the light colors of the name of the novel blending it with the effects behind it. Maybe try to make it pop more.

I suspect some of the issue is "Channelers" is a rather long word so the font can only get so large (which would help with legibility), no matter what I do to it. '^.^ I did run a blur/luminosity to thicken the lines of the title and it did make it stronger at least.


Re: Help Me Choose a Cover! (3 options)

Perhaps I'm a bit late on this topic but I'll throw in my two cents.

This piece is the most professional-looking piece of cover art. However,
it gives off a heavy fantasy Vibe and absolutely no indication of the Sci-fi aspect of the book.

This gives me the impression of a well-written if somewhat dry fantasy novel.

I would personally recommend finding some way to incorporate obviously sci-fi elements into this art piece
And then use it for your cover.

This piece looks fairly unprofessional. However it gives off the vibe I think you're looking for.
It makes me think of a less well written, but much more fun and action oriented science fiction novel with a hint of fantasy.
I would personally be much more likely to start reading this type of book so I'm biased in this case.
My main criticism from a design perspective is how hard it is to read the White title with the White background effects. It needs a dark background to improve readability.
This last piece I think would be a poor choice. It gives off the same fantasy without sci-fi vibe but with a less proffesional finish.
The  realistic scratched modern steel frames clash heavily with the stylised smooth crystal drawing and makes the whole piece appear unprofessional and stale.
It also fails to give off the sci-fi feeling as the steel looks more like an afterthought than a carefully made design decision.

Alright and that's my critique. I want to finish this by saying I'm just giving my honest opinion and I'm sorry if it comes across a bit harsh. Great artwork my friend. 
(″ ´ワ` ″)

Re: Help Me Choose a Cover! (3 options)

Strong #1 from me. By far the best art imo, and I always hate when people put their character in the picture. I want to imagine the character from the descriptions, that's the fun of reading.

Plus it has the catchiest line (I kind of want to read it from that line alone).

I will say I think it would look better if the line was put below the "CHANNELERS" word, since the gradient goes vertically-- I think leaving the top without words might look better? Hard to say without seeing it.

Either way, I think it's safe to say, you are not going to get a unanimous vote on this one lol.