Saga didn't know that the key to a new life, was death. 

Figures that their new life is not some overpowered mage or spellcasting genius. But that of a Berserker, where every fight is done or die. Where what you see is what you get: Rage and Violence to a glorious destiny or a cruel, brutal end.

Waking up in a new world, Saga Ljungborg, 28 years of age wakes up in a snow-covered forest without a clue as to where they are. Thrown at the deep end, Saga finds themselves being dragged into a world unlike their own where magic is real and the stakes are high. The world of Kaleido is one in turmoil, and the North is a place teetering on the edge of all-out war between the various Vikingesque factions that makes it their home. 

Follow Saga as they navigate this new world of intrigue, violence, love, loss and sacrifice.

[Updates 4-5 days a week, 2k a chapter.]