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May Thread - Promote your Story


For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. This is why this thread for self-promotions is monthly-based (to not overflow it). At the start of next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again.

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!

You can also use this subforum to promote your fiction

Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

My Children From Another World

With souls and issues from a world very unlike his own, Rakta Velbrun must raise his children right, train their strange abilities, and keep the world from swallowing them whole.

A fantasy tale of a ex-adventurer father taking care of his beloved children in the wake of his wife's death. He must tend with noble politics, new enemies, old allies, and the realization that his children come from a world very unlike his own. 

Current Word Count: 60k
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure
Notable Tags: Portal Fantasy, Strong MC, Male Lead, High Fantasy, Reincarnation, Slice of Life, Magic

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DOTS - SciFi Adventure with a Hint of Romance

Mankind has discovered Genius. With two simple tests, not only can a person find out if they're a Genius, but they also will be told what they're a Genius at. Unless they find out they're a Dot. The only thing a Dot knows is that the world hates them.
'Don't feel sorry for me! You dumb Dots don't even know what's happening!'
That is, unless you're a Dot named Hank. The world discovers quickly that it needs Hank very much.
'I wanted to run away. To find a place to hide. Then I realized you're my hiding place. My refuge when there's trouble.'
But bad guys have a use for what they know Dots can do, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.
'The world will scream and I will scream with it. But I will stay with you.'
Hank had better hurry. Time is running out. For everyone. Worldwide.
'This sword doesn't kill its enemies. It compels them to obey.'
Read DOTS and see Hank use his Genius to somehow Save the World.
Sort of.
'Hank-sama, I love you and I need you. But we are going to die.'

DOTS - The Age of Enlightenment Has Begun

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The Man Who Walked in the Dark - a sci-fi noir like nothing you've ever read.

Just because it can be found, doesn't mean it should.

All things found, all things fixed. Jude Demarco was the best private detective Nicodemia Station had ever ignored. Detective, handyman, medic. He was a bulldog who tracked down every lead and wouldn't let go until the bloody truth died dripping in his jaws. Even if someone got hurt. Even if someone got killed. You lost it? He can find it.

When a collector arrives in a private cruiser from Earth looking for a stolen painting, Demarco has to decide if a few dimes are worth dealing with the worst of the worst in Nicodemia Station. It'll pit him against crime lords, government bureaucrats, and, even worse, the Catholic Church.

If there's anything folks get too passionate about, it's art and religion. No sane person would take a job that mixed the two.

Then again, sometimes a person just gets desperate.

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Parallel Hearts(Book 1)


Two halves once whole, hatred forever staining the soul. Racing in blackness, destruction of greatness. Two sides of strength, innocence and malice, both reflecting one. Cyra, a being of old descending. Infinite in sins, embracing what is within. Selfishness and imperfections, clashing against emotions of endlessness. Tormenting memories, pleasantness inside of them. Traveling in the harshest of sorrow, trying in righting a wrong. A desire of powerfulness still existing, perseverance relentlessly protruding.

"My other half...when will you cease this pointless resistance, and join me to become whole once again?"

"Even if I must fight for an eternity, then so be it, to reclaim those pleasureful times..."

"I will no longer live in your shadow Maria!"

A battle of fierceness revealing into actuality, an entity from the deepest of abyss awakening once again, bringing demise in the wake of their despair. What is hiding away in the farthest reaches of the past? Why are both halves so conflicted? All of this may be answered.


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Coming very later-today-levels-of-SOON... Available now!!!

Heroes of The Collective : Repercussions
Volume 3!! 🎉
Enhanced Beings. Humans with the ability to do something astonishing. Some learn to use it for good. Others for bad. But most are content with the 9-5 and walks with the dog.
But use it for bad, you’ll answer to… The Enhanced Beings Collective! USA’s taskforce in the fight against Enhanceds who threaten America’s national and global interests.

Actions have consequences and the members of The Enhanced Beings Collective are not exempt, finding that the repercussions coming their way will take them to places they’d not imagined for themselves, mentally or physically.

In Volume Three : Repercussions, Amber Hamilton’s new management restructuring will bring new changes to how The Collective work… and who they work with, as she brings in two new members of her own. The more the merrier, right?
Justicia and Pan settle into their new roles as Agwé discovers the truth around her resurfacing, Proten struggles, Sediment Terri keeps a secret and The Astral Sheriff has lives at stake in his hands.

With an episode a day for the next five days to mark the launch, there's a rescue mission, a debate on ethics, a power play, some truth bombs and life changing decisions. And that's just this week!

Catch up on Volumes 1 and 2 (honestly, that feels so good saying) before the imminent arrival of Volume 3!!

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Descent is an Urban-Sci-Fi-Fantasy work that focuses on a pair of twins, Arty and Eli, who are on the run. Why? Who knows. The twins certainly don't. They will face multiple hardships and tribulations to escape from their grim reality. 

Descent would be updated monthly unless stated otherwise within the afternotes. So if you're interested, do check it out!

Encased below is the synopsis:


Arty and Eli live normal lives. They excel in their academics and are respected as leaders. They also hide their powers in order to live quiet lives, free from the politics that stick so closely to their family.

This freedom is shattered when they return to a home set ablaze. Their names are slandered in the street when they're accused of crimes they didn't commit.

Cold. Afraid. Alone.

Where are they to run, when men in black are hunting them down?

This is the story of a pair of twins, Arthur and Eliana Lane, as they make their Descent.


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Tower of Hell follows eighteen-year-old Jonas Ariel who sets himself on a quest to be reunited with his beloved older brother. The Tower of Hell is a sinister dimension consisting of six floors, and anyone who wants to travel to different floors will need to master an evil power called Sin. Jonas will have to discover this power if he ever wants to find his brother, but will he lose his humanity in the process?

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A Star Falls Upon Estrea

The story takes place in a fantasy world where there are wild animals and monsters along with its own magic system. This is a story with multiple POVs, each focused on a lead character as they try to reach their goal each in their own ways. Their fates intertwine right from the beginning, bringing a significant change in their lives.

Main characters:
  • Sedhoust Grasmord - A retired hero, now serving the kingdom as the royal archmage.
  • Elana Mayer - Captain of Martin Alphen ship, currently on a mission to explore uncharted territories.
  • ??? - Third lead character. Undisclosed because knowing their role and existence in advance is a spoiler for new readers.
Things to expect:
  • Third-person-limited writing style.
  • Notably heavy with dialogue.
  • At least 5000 words per chapter.
  • Minimal to no politics.
  • Viewpoint changes.
  • Loads of named minor characters.
  • Low amount of fight scenes, most of them concluding in the same chapter.

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The Butterfly Effect is a series set in a medieval fantasy world with magic, adventure, and mystery scattered throughout. Each story follows its own path but also gives hints to a larger puzzle. Join a wide range of characters as they discover the mysteries of their world and try to discern the event that started it all.
Note: currently being merged into a single story with the same name as the series.

Departure- follow the young Prince Natheniel on his way towards making the biggest mistake of his life—one that affects much more than just him.
Secrets of the Ley Lines- a group of teens set out to not only uncover bits of the past but also find themselves in the Labyrinth, home of the Minotaur.
What Time Forgot- a book full of short stories ranging from short, lighthearted stories to longer ones dedicated to a certain memory or character. Updates the 1st of every month.
Bloodline- features Tavin on his trip to understand his bloodline and the kind of power he possesses. 
Rebellion- Lucas and his odd band of magic users stand up against the king and start a new future for Seothia. 

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Humans, Legends, Arias, oh my! The world isn't big enough for the three of them.

Reina Romane just wants a normal life, at a normal school, with normal friends, in an ideal world. However, when your school teaches teenagers how to control the elements, your ideal world has government agencies going around freezing time and fighting gods, and you're pretty sure your friend is seeing through her power, the definition of "normal" becomes loose. Oh, and there's a murderous psychopath who wants to kill her.

Will Reina Romane be able to get through school without setting people on fire? Will the psychopath kill her? Or will something else happen. . . .?

A darker take on the superhero genre, with a load of mystery and drama packed in. The beginning is a slow burn as the reader gets associated with the main characters and settings, until the action kicks in later. 

Updates weekly, every Monday at 8:00-9:10 PM

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The Dragon Realms Saga is a sprawling epic that takes you on a wild ride with Elucard, a child raised as an assassin in the deadly Black Rabbit clan. Follow his upbringing to his adult life as he deals with the morals of being a killer and his path to redemption!

I post Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm PST

The saga will be 6 books long and I'm currently writing the 3rd book (I have about a years worth of you have much to look forward too!!!!)

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Metello, a young orphan in a hostile city, has to think about what kind of life he wants and pick a class accordingly.
He chose to be a Lux Acolyte, a kind of light spellcaster with an artistic sub occupation.

Lux follower is a classical slow LitRPG progression fantasy story in a particular world where the sun stays still above the north pole. Following this, there is no day/night alternation, the farther you go from the pole, the lower the sun is in the sky until it disappears in the south half of the planet.Too bad that ether, a kind of divine energy, influences life forms to make them monsters when there is no sunlight for too long.

The system is original too. Each of the ten gods and goddesses has a domain in which he can bestow blessings (or skills) when the person makes enough effort toward it. As people absorb enough ether from monster cores, they can choose one of the ten basic classes they unlocked depending on the blessings they earned before.

Obtaining a class does three things :
- it boosts your statistics in percentage accordingly to the one you chose and your level (which is determined by the quantity of ether you absorbed from monster cores)
- it grants some blessings unique to the class
- it can limit the acquisition of some categories of new blessings

The first arc is coming to an end and it will count for around 90k words.

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The Golden Age of Heroes is over, and what a bloody end it was. Hundreds of thousands are dead and the League of Supers is depleted of both its greatest heroes and its pride. A war of attrition against the creatures known as Laceroids saw to that. Vicious, ravenous, and nearly unkillable. They were a threat to even the mightiest of heroes, and the scars they left have a poor way of healing.

But this story isn't about the League. It's about Seth. Once just a normal kid, if a lot more forgetful than most. But the same crisis that fell upon the League hit him far closer to home. His town, his friends, his family, all were turned into those nightmares of teeth, claws, and scales. All were turned into Laceroids... except him. Instead he was given what was supposed have been given. Power and guests. 

The same power that drove his town mad and changed them, and the same guests that brought that power along with them. Beings made of pure energy, recently transcended to cross the stars and escape their doom. But instead all they did was spread it. Seth, now burdened with countless voices and countless feelings collectively shared, has received a power of monumental proportions. But was not safe from those same scars left upon the League. 

But that is the past, time moves on and wounds heal. Power grows with knowledge and training. And a promise is set to be kept. A promise to atone for his luck, to pay back the debts he placed upon himself, to end the cycle that caused this crisis in the first place. It... just might be a bit harder since his powers are a little... noticeable. So Seth will hide them under a suit of armor and do the one thing that will bring him and the voices in his head legitimacy. He will join the League of Supers. 

But... the League might not be what it used to be. Those scars run deep, for both them and him. The road might be hard, especially when you need to hide your powers. The trainers might be hostile, for both your good and theirs. And power might not like to stay hidden long enough to reach that ultimate goal. Especially if it doesn't care... how many people have to DIE!!!

Rage: Crisis is my first book of a series I'm still writing, book two is about done so read and get waiting. 

It is action heavy, long, and full of profanity and violence. But it shouldn't be overboard in those regards... well maybe with the action. A chapter length fight scene is maybe a bit much, but its not like its not earned in the end. 

Did I mention its long... by novel standards.
  • 150,000 words plus at this point (currently doing an editing pass, its adding a bit here and there)
  • Its 3rd person limited, though what do you suppose happens when that perspective looses himself.
  • It has a cast of minor and major characters, with what I'd say is acceptable amounts of descriptions for them. Though you may have to remember nicknames. 
  • Its mostly past tense... (I'm running out of descriptors here)
Just read the damn book!! : Rage: Crisis

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If you have ever read and enjoyed Paradise Lost then please take a stab at The Fall, my retelling of the story of Lucifer's fall from grace and the journey from archangel of Heaven to the archnemesis of humanity.

On a completely different note, if you love the anime Konosuba then please check out My Overpower Skill Forced The Goddess to Make Balance Changes. You'll be sure to have a laugh.

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Rye wakes up with a toad in her mouth and feels as though the world has it out to get her. It does seem like it, as she struggles through living in a world without a sun, through graves and grave threats in the form of man or monster, or even just her innermost doubts and insecurities as she comes to doubt whether what she is doing is actually something she can do, wants to do or even should do.

Join her as she explores a dark, dark world and slowly, but surely finds her place in it. Or will she? What if the world has no place for a small, weak and uncertain person like her? How will she adapt, if at all, to ever worsening circumstances? And what price is she prepared to pay to uphold her ideals?

(Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror. Features a slow-burning progression, many setbacks and a thousand ways to suffer in the age of darkness with a slice of humor to finish it off.)

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In a world of superheroes, Milly awakens her power as a speedster but finds herself slowly drifting away from everyone due to her new perception of time when it turns out that her super speed doesn’t come with an off-switch.

The story will involve: Poorly supervised teens, exploration of superpowers, cute lesbian/yuri romance, superheroics, and struggle.

Word count: 40k

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Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix started out as an action story with magic and progression...and it's definitely grown far too big for the clothes I bought it at the start.

It's a lot more talking and emotions than magic and fighting, so fair warning. Also fair warning, there's quite a few chapters I'm dissatisfied with now in retrospect, but I'm treating it as an exercise in growth, which ironically would make it a progression fantasy in another way ahaha.

Anyway, I haven't said much about the story itself, so just know that it's probably not what you're expecting, but it's worth a shot if you're curious. Fantasy, magic, some action (which will ramp up), but also kinda slice of life and not to spoil anything but some romance has recently entered the mix.

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(Cover Image by JiiBee)
Logan Hall, a simple family man and office worker, was abducted from Earth and thrust into the fantastical world of Avanar. Lost deep in the wilderness, he quickly finds that fantasy is fraught with danger: fangs, claws, and magic.

Gifted with the power of the unique class, Spellthief, which allows him to absorb spells cast against him and cast them back at his foes, he swiftly learns to fight back, trampling his way into safer civilization.

Shunned by adventurers, who see spellcasters like him as poor party members, Logan finds few allies, but his progress does not go unnoticed. As he gathers the personal strength to fend off wolves and goblins, he also attracts the attention of evil magi, eager to steal his powers. While he scrambles to find a way back home, will he even muster the will to do so? Or will he be seduced by the power of magic?

Currently sitting at 58 Chapters, 760 pages, 209,006 words, with chapters having an average of 3,500~ words.

The fiction has several illustrations for combat and characters.
Legend of the Spellthief
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