Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

It depends on which character you're talking about.

Daxin "The Walking War Crime" is kind of obvious.

Judging by the last couple of days? Most of the surviving Immortals/Biological Apostles could be charged with war crimes.

Poor Vuxten though, he's been charged with loitering, being late for work, not maintaining proper grooming standards, unauthorized use of company property, unauthorized use of company vehicles, and verbal morality statutes.

Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

Murder (all of them)
Destruction of Property
Destruction of Planets
Drive by shooting of a space station
Illegal use of magical weaponry
More Homicide
Assault (40k counts)
Public Intoxication
Destruction of Government Property
Parking in a No Parking Zone
Homicide Again
Grand Theft of a Spaceship
Galactic Larceny
You guessed it, Homicide
Development of Illegal Technologies
Violations of Divine Law
Gang Activities
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Warfare
Corporate Sabotage
Violence Against a Divine Being
Anti-Piracy with no Permit
Building without a Permit
Theft of a Star System
Theft of a God
Assault and Battery
Development of a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a Magical Weapon
Illegal Development of Nanites
Illegal Distribution of Drugs
Grave Robbery
Digging Holes with Signage of Permits
Failure to Yield at a Stop Sign
Operating a Cafeteria with a License
Stepping on The Grass
Killing the Grass
Theft of Kitchen Implements
Murder of a Royal Prince
Racism Against Gnomes
Violence Against Gnomes
Illegal Creation of a Sentient Species
Illegal Evolution of Existing Species
Illegal Genetic Engineering
Violation of Free Speech Laws
Guilty of Prison Break
Assassination of a Public Official

Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

- Murder (both in self-defense and emotionally motivated ones)
- Terrorism (self-explanatory) 
- Mass hysteria (self-explanatory) 
- Property damage 
- Possession of illegal Gadgetry (in universe law)
- Possession of unregistered Gadgetry (in universe law) 
- Possession of stolen items
- Theft
- Bypassing multiple weapon laws
- Illegal metal trafficking 
- Illegally trafficking military grade gadgetry (in universe law)
- Crafting Gadgetry without permit. (in universe law)
- Aggravated assault
- Assault an officer of law
- Disturbing public order
- Vandalizing buildings and government properties. 
- Hostage taking (on two separate occasions) 

And that was before Shindo even started working as a superhero.