Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

Murder (any and all)
Conspiracy to commit Murder (repeatedly) 
Assault of an Officer of Law 
Destruction of Public Property
Various Crimes Against Humanity (and other species) including but not limited to: Forcing people to eat others of their village to remain healthy, Human/Species experimentation, 
Disturbing the Peace
Unlawful use of Deadly Force
Defiling the dead (graverobbing, necromancy experiments)
Owning Slaves
Breaking and Entering
Harboring Criminals/Legions of Evil
Aggravated assault 
Destruction of government property
Exposing state secrets 
Trading in state secrets
Deliberate destruction of dimensional/world barriers
Grand Larceny
Destruction of Historical Relics
Destruction of Religious Relics
Antagonizing deities/entities to action

Taking over countries

Running various shady businesses and criminal organizations
Conspiracy to assassinate 
Owning Brothels
Destruction of Cities (and far worse)
And much much more

...I swear the MC I'm writing is a good person  DrakanSweat Or well, a pragmatic one at least. This is just a small sample off the top of my head of the insanity that I've been writing and planning over time. 
Honestly, it's easier to list what she wouldn't have against her.

So All of them at once, I suppose.

Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

I don't usually participate in these threads, but this sounds like fun and a good way to promote my story so here I go:
1. high treason (one count)
2. murder (three counts)
3. attempted murder (two counts)
4. obstruction of justice (two counts)
5. conspiracy (many counts)
6. witchcraft (at least one count)
7. devil-worship (at least one count)
8. impersonating a public official (two counts)
9. identity theft (two counts)
10. cross-dressing (at least one count)
11. defaming the monarch/royal family
If you are wondering, my story is set in a pre-industrial fantasy world. 

Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

*Reads the other posts*

What type of f'd up stories are you guys writing?!

Anyways, for my story so far, my MC will be charged with:
- Cheating at a gambling institution
- Fraud and Identity Theft
- Copyright infringement/Intellectual Property Theft
- Mass murder. (25+ people)
Later on:
-More mass murder 
-War Crimes
-Planetary Devastation