Re: How Would Your Protagonist Deal With Getting Shot Directly In The Face?

Zearth Wrote: They die. As simple as that.

Some of us write extremely in-depth realistic works, you know?
Glad to have read this one... I was feeling like my "real world" writing was the "outer space" thing.

Mine would die. Very fast, I think.

But I DO have a horror tale where the antag would shrug it off after a few hours of unconsciousness. Then seek revenge! (but it's a modern "zombie" like deal... that explains that I think.)

Re: How Would Your Protagonist Deal With Getting Shot Directly In The Face?

Ooh, I love the premise! Depends on who you view as the main character of the story in all honesty, but I imagine if Ed or Lune got shot they'd probably survive and heal fully, since they were born with an ability to heal fast (Green Iro). Cecily on the other hand? I doubt it, but if she did she'd probably recover with some heavy scarring.

This is such an interesting idea, though, as I doubt you mean like physical reactions as opposed to psychological trauma, in which case Ed would probably cry his eyes out and just continue to lay there in agony. The trauma would linger on for quite some time, he'd remember the moment he got shot for the rest of his life, definitely.

Lune would just swear a couple of times, but ultimately grit his teeth, beat up his assailant, then check his wounds. He's the type to just accept things quickly and move on, so I doubt he'd care all too much after things have settled (despite everyone else probably worrying about his current state)

Cecily I can't even imagine getting shot, though, she's written as a self-taught well-trained assassin. I doubt anyone could sneak up on her like that, and I definitely doubt she wouldn't find a way to escape it. In fact, I'd expect her to be the one who shoots someone instead :p

Edit: This is assuming they survive, which I doubt would happen, since it's a bullet to the face lol

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Without the cop out of just dodging, it's a little dependent.

If he is still suited up the person shooting may as well have just shot their own foot. Seth isn't vindictive enough to beat them to death for a stupid mistake like that, but they should feel stupid for shooting a fully enclosed armored battlesuit that takes anti tank shells on the chin. The shells still hurt like hell and *spoilers* but firearms aren't gonna cut it.

Outside the suit, and just going off of current state of the MC, he's still alive but in a lot of pain. He is bleeding, his skull might just be a little cracked, but that bullet ain't doing damage like the shooter wants. Or how they need it to because Seth is very vindictive of people who want him dead for no good reason. 

Also that damage is getting healed and the shooter is getting the *spoilers for book 2* ripped out of them and will be regretting ever pulling that trigger for how ever long is deemed acceptable for them to live. 

All in all, it's a bad idea to go looking for that fight.  DrakanNo

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In my world, guns either fire blasts of concentrated magical energy, or bullets filled with even denser concentrated magical energy, so the results would depend on the element. So if it were a lightning or fire blast, he'd probably just explode. If it were water, wind, or earth, it would make his face look like Tom Cat when he steps on a shovel. If it were life magic, he'd likely explode into a tree or a bouquet of bloody roses. Photo magic would be like getting a flashlight shined in his eyes, but with a bullet his head would probably glow through the several open parts of his skull. All in all, he should be thankful that guns are extremely frowned upon in his society.