Using the Volume Mechanic - Resolved

Ok, so Ive spent the last ... oh four hours or so messing with the Volume Mechanic trying to link my two fictions.

Problem is I cant figure it out.

I am probably missing something obvious, but I CANNOT get them to link to each other. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Honestly its incredible frustrating.

The furthest Ive been able to get is each fiction now has a "Volume 1" but that's it. Cant get either one to show the chapters for the other or get the volumes to link to one another.

If anyone has any experience using this function, please let me know.

Im tapped out lol.

Re: Using the Volume Mechanic


Crownfall Wrote: The volume mechanic lets you subdivide chapters on the same fiction to volumes, afaik. I do not know if its possible to link to chapters of other fictions

Ah! So its not used to link fictions in their entirety. Now that explains a whole lot.

Thank you very much for that clarification!